Rise Of The Phoenix King

by Ka Zodiak

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(free) 03:35


released November 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Ka Zodiak Teaneck, New Jersey

Kalik Scientific is an artist ahead of his time. Witnessing the demise of the once revolutionary genre of Hip Hop by the covert plans of the clandestine elite he joined forces with other Divine spirited artists to build the God Hop confederation practicing what he terms cosmic rap. He is the mc of tomorrow, the product of our past, the vision of the future and the soundtrack of forever. ... more

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Kalik Scientific is a man that's calm/ look me up in amazon/ lyrics made the globe look/ still I bought my own book/ lived through earthquakes while my throne shook/ acquired facts/ standing in the rubble of the greatest empire that/ crumbled into ash in the fire trapped/ spoke so deep in my song my rap lines are wiretapped/ still I'm on a higher track now I'm so admire that/ I walk with a choir that/ sings when I'm speaking/ Inspiring the world I'm the King for a reason/ I bring every season/ an angel made from the broken wings of a heathen/ while others fell from grace kissed the rings of the demons/ saluted by the rulers of/ the nations of the free world caught in the computer buzz/ good reputation's a loan that brings future love/ blessed with the logic/ invented Freeconomy the next economics/ A rich man though there's nothing left in my pockets/ memory bank account cashed the checks of the prophets/ their never gone stop it, akashic, i push em to read/ there's books up my sleeve/ there ain’t a aim that i couldn't achieve/ I turn goals into gold like you wouldn't believe/ i'm a message for the world that they couldn't receive/ the phoenix king developed in a womb full of flame/ closed the door behind me entering the room where it rains and brought sunlight/ a cure for those used to the pain/ inspiration for the fallen what my music became/ I'm eternal in a form that I choose to remain/ till my purpose is fulfilled by/ the efforts of a man who landed here a million years ago and i'm still fly/ here we go/ I clearly show the will to proceed/ amongst music mercenaries here to kill us with greed/ …so let me put it blunt like i filled it with weed/ You can't stop evolution/ times in a spiral/ thousands of years ago i wrote rhymes in the bible/ shine amongst idols relics of broke statues developed it so natural/ my casual flow/ to drop lessons as a blessing so we gradually grow/ each at our own rate thats reality though/ i was born around may day/ soon they gone pray they/ escaped through the portal when i opened up the gateway.
Track Name: THIS WORLD
is amazing/ i swear its a maze when/ you consider all the tunnels, streets and jungles in creation/ measured calculations/skies raining / clouds passin over/ i bow classic yoga/ beaches at the sunset/ sunrise/ sun shining light then i run next/ after my meditation/an inner celebration/ i did some traveling and it's been a revelation/ the beautiful globe/ is soon to explode/ if we don't treat it right/ i need to write some music from my soul/ i hope it heals the planet/ i hope it seals the damage/ this world is real enchanted/ the ones controlling it they have no real advantage / cross the surreal atlantic/ through the pacific maybe/ i'll hit hawaii next/ bounce like i'm in the navy/ such an exotic vision/ i got a lot of living/ bless who created it, but this is not religion/ passin my passport why? our planets not a prison/ i plan to stop division/ bioluminescence this is not fiction/ unlocked a dimension/ wit Rasta intentions/ see the world is rising up you can watch the ascension/ beyond 2012/ stuck in the spell/ i love when it's well/ luscious its cells /above and excel/ probably bounce to africa like my brother chappelle/ ha ha ha ha but aint no joke about it/ this kingdoms overcrowded/ by those that over doubted/ now all their souls are clouded/ affect the planets aura/ what you know about it/ from here to california/ they want me in Japan i get a thousand offers/ to hit the netherlands/ i love the sound of water/ i'll climb the highest mountain/ Bali to Bora Bora/ hit the safari maybe hop in the ford explorer/ touch every wall and corner/ then hit dubai just to eat cuz that a taurus for you/ not a tourist or a/ visit its home/ every square inch is useful so its used if its known/ puerto rico hear the coquis sing a musical tone/ now technology connects us through computers and phones/ …..but still the telepathic connections a better magnet/ developed magic/ kept it spinning so its never stagnant/ 1,037/ 1/3 it turns directions/ refer to the lesson/ diverse its perfection/.…... whats the the circumference tell me/ whats the diameter/ where did atlantis go/ i got my camera/ i wanna see the jungle/ see every secret tunnel/ look down the grand canyon/ below my feet i'm humbled/ i'll run a marathon and i won't even stumble/ there many beasts among you/ gorillas polar bears/ chickens there's goats and bears/ mice running over stairs/ owls in the forest trees/ thousands of the smallest bees/ herbs are for healing powers i got the strongest leaves/ it needs to be healthy it's what we all could be/ i think about my earth cuz i adore the sea/ and through the eyes of nature i want you all to see...this world!
now that wall streets occupied/ the lost sheep watch the skies /waiting for the ship that the lords speech prophecised /we're (trying to bring peace) to the planet but they don't want ya stock to rise/ but you still supporting em overtime you shop inside/ gotta it all monopolized/ we all need to be more/ statue of Libra got us all on the see saw/ the cash that they dangling we aint gotta reach for/ they claim the police laws are (trying to bring peace) but we know they not we aint gotta sleep more/ waiting for the globe to stop/ we're (trying to bring peace) this is what i teach for /once we know you cheating then we aint gotta keep score/ instant game over smack the board of the table/ born a samurai my father had a sword in my cradle/ came through a speaker mic cord on my navel/ police or protester either cain or you able/ behold a pale horse as it came from the stable/ God Hop you wont hear this from them lames on a label/ republican or democratic thoughts is left tangled/ when they both squares together their rectangles/ but not in my circle/ we trying to bring peace send the cops to disturb you/ remind em their people to/ trying to get a piece to chew/ everybody hungry gotta see it from an equal view/ we all want the same thing/ food, clothing, shelter but the pawns still remain king/ so i put my crown own if you aint banging for peace then put ya gown own/ we aint got the time to be listening to them clown songs/ you foolish if you watching the news if don't sound wrong/ you dealing wit a puppet show/ merril lynch couldn't tell the bulls from the buffalos/ taurus is stubborn so they aint gonna pass change/ burning up ya fiat dollars like its a past thang/ money is the g-spot time we start running things strapping up ya reeboks/ they planning for the depop/ ulation world detox/ in time we won't need clocks .....so if your economies bad/ lift ya arms up and raise the freeconomy flag/ box your way out the box where the policies bad/ hit em in their treasure chest wit a bodily jab/ knocked the air out the devil/ you don't need permission so who cares if they let you/ allah gave you breathe too/ who cares what they cooking up you can be a chef too/ without a mason apron stay awakened they indebted too/ in fact they in debt to you/ no matter what you slept through/ your higher self will rescue you/ your president and you don't need a chair too elect you/ gifted when i speak it libya to eypt/ uk to iran nigeria to phoenix/ the planet is a puzzle we just living in the pieces/ listen to my thesis/ kalik is imprisoned by the vision of a genius/ who saw behind the curtain thats forbidden by the secrets/ we trying peace to every nation to complete this
Track Name: SMILE
It’s an issue that we all know but ain’t nobody speaking bout -----everywhere let their demons out/ here’s an exorcism better listen cuz the secrets out/ time that victoria speaks we want you complete/ reflect upon these words put this song on repeat/ inhale take a deep breath hold it long and release/ i understand your perspective/ with man your connected/ he raped you and pillage through the land you protected/ every woman i know by fam was molested/ ..they say the eyes are the souls window you opened yours and your soul jumped out i know your M.o/ ….missing father pains so deep it won’t end though/ so dissatisfied with all men and let ya friends know/ mad cuz he left you/ or mad cuz he tried to stay/ mad becuz he checked you/ broke another mirror you mad you don’t respect you/ angry at yourself you’re mad that you neglect you/ for children that you really aint want/ you just had em to/ keep a man you pushed away mad cuz he aint marry you/ child support to get ya nails done/ out of spite alone hope he gets thrown in jail knowing he’s got a wife at home/ plus a new baby you jealous without a righteous bone/ screaming like a loud bullhorn with 12 microphones/ always in a fighting zone/.… your light is unknown took flight from ya throne/ despite what is shown/ ya heart is so idle its stone/ and so pissed off/ wit ice on ya tongue and cold lip gloss/ bag lady carrying weight like old rick ross/ false advertising yourself feel so ripped off/ wit locs twisted hanging with shells, essential oil frankincense but ya brains in a cell/ imprisoned its clear with hate you remained within hell/ get rid of your fears this ancient spells lifted so cheer no misery here

metaphysically embodied the earth/ eternal people traveled space so you probably were first/ before the sand here/ For peace ‘id rather walk on the clouds before i land here/ poltergeist you know it aint right who wants to stand near/ a dark cloud following/ miserable and pitiful residual anger infested frown hollow in/ ya heart chakra high blood pressure its astonishing/ you say that you’re healed from your wounds it sounds promising/ a lost soul caught in the cold and found wandering/ my heart reaches/ out to ausar’s pieces/ aset won’t connect em forehead wit large creases/ anger is residual/ the hate makes you miserable/ but never see the root cuz the pain isn’t physical/ you don’t see the storm cuz the rain isn’t visible/ mouth fast and furious/ the cure is just bliss/ health is wealth so the purity’s this/ take a breath of fresh air let the sunlight nourish your lips/ sun kissed mahogany skin/ honey brown almondy blend/ whats it worth when you ain’t polished within/ just because you’re mad doesn’t mean your karma will end/ what you do will still haunt you angry or not/ every action still costs you so aim for the top/ play your hand the best way can’t change what you got/ but don’t be underhanded or the table will stop/ ghetto heaven even angels get shot wit fates bullets can’t dodge it your moves were too late when you pulled it/ the world couldn’t trigger your hate without a full clip/ so unload the past regrets and broke promises/ grudges and revenge within demotes goddesses/ beauty and the beast you’re pretty but pretty angry too/ still remain aligned with earth while volcanoes blew/ earthquakes/ hurricane winds and tornadoes too/ acid rains asking for pain inside of your womb/ attitude pollution the air your mind is in gloom/ you make the birds fall out the sky and fly to their doom/ became the wicked witch of the stress that flies on a broom/ you need to use for sweeping the mess inside your cocoon/ a butterfly with love in your eyes will rise when you bloom/ while true kings watch your mood swings inside of the moon/ so let them heal i know you’re so tired of your wounds.

In the beginning there was no sound/ no light no ceiling and no ground/ no kingdom no throne and no crown/ then a thought came sparked by a question/ seen the black dots though its hard to connect em/ with the lights off add the stars in precession/ now i can see clear/ everywhere so i’m nowhere trying to leave here/ made an ethereal body before I breathed air/ before the water but after the fire/ I came before the song but after the choir/ planetary notes/ for your raps to admire/ made the suns light to adapt and supply us/ made me a wife to attract in desire/ she ran around the sun on the track till she tired and tilted 23 degrees and 1/2 gaia/ was the name of my counterpart/ she became sad cried a lot when her clouds were dark/ so i sent a meteor that she never seen before/ daughter named luna had that pull on the peaceful shore/ lived to 27 years old trying to be secure/ resurrected from the underworld where the demons war/ the zodiac the holy map ghetto jezus turning water into cognac/ solar system spinning around like its my only rap/ cold shoulder turned around once and made the polar caps/ i seen 12 signs on the road there’s no going back/ saturn was a time slave/ venus gemini value truth keeps the mind paid/ follow the ecliptic/ in the constellations the knowledge was encrypted/ planetary frequency following the rhythmic/ space debris geometric forms out of filthy clay/ lactose intolerant almonds in my milky way/ until Taurus ate the serial code/ pulled the big dipper spoon once consumed from the super bowl/ i'm so at peace you would think i had Buddhas soul/ inside the earth grid born wit a new parole/ study the coordinates/ what door should i pick/ Throw an asteroid cause the dark waters to skip/ like a broken record lyrics might cause an eclipse/ from the light that my sources emits/ the universal love music from above that's the cause of this bliss

I woke up on a space cloud eyes full of cosmic dust/ seduced by a black hole caught in the Akashic lust/ breaking meteors rolling blunts from a godly dutch/ way above the radar Nasa won’t acknowledge us/ Riding on a solar ray sitting on a saddle light/ nicer with my flow display spitting through a satellite/ winged snakes on the cord i don’t use the average mic/ alkaline rhymes nourish souls now my appetite/ is out of sight like nibiru/ we cant hear you/ if you not speaking the truth/ check the rear view mirror on my aura vehicle/ my merkaba i’m a scholar i’m ethereal/ lyrically i’m a miracle spiritual individual/ quranic, a masonic, im biblical scientific imperial, read the interview/ journalist reviewed my songs in their particles ooops i meant articles pardon my view/ bout to go supernova once my stardom is through/ God Hop Confederation see the Gods in my crew/ As above so below from a molecules view/ from telescopes to microscopes/ my cells are made of righteous notes/ Kalik says watch the world recycle my quotes/ houses on my natal chart spin like bicycle spokes/ Ezekials wheel connected 2 pieces of steel/ magnetically attracted i got Venus appeal/ my sword sharp never miss, got no need for a shield/ got the labels at my door begging me for a deal/ melted ice in this polar cage/ crystal child lift the shroud back to golden age/ standing on the shoulders of slaves flowing waves throwing solar grenades/ astral warrior fighting till my soldiers get paid/ self respect i don’t know whats afraid/ from america to others nebulas/ crush competitors/ i hypnotize ya journalist/ promoter your accountant plus the editor/ manger, and camera crew etcetera etcetera planetary settlers/ i'm suspended ya in thin air like flying teachers/ my minds an air force my thoughts i applied it deeper/ dragon yea fire breather/ i'm an inspired leader/ higher believer/ pick up signals from afar like a wide receiver/ if its hot i got a higher fever/ yea since my adidas/ divine genius spitting for the love it/ now i'm into cosmic rap sitting way above it gets/ better soon doesn't it/the earth is the mother ship/ just prepare for the covenant