BE LOVED The Heart Chakra EP

by Ka Zodiak

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released October 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Ka Zodiak Teaneck, New Jersey

Kalik Scientific is an artist ahead of his time. Witnessing the demise of the once revolutionary genre of Hip Hop by the covert plans of the clandestine elite he joined forces with other Divine spirited artists to build the God Hop confederation practicing what he terms cosmic rap. He is the mc of tomorrow, the product of our past, the vision of the future and the soundtrack of forever. ... more

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Track Name: Dear Misery
Dear misery, i've decided that i'm done with the foolishness/ its love that i'm moving wit/knew you didn't have enough/ tried to give you some of mine took it told you add it up/ this is round the summer time/ opened up the sunroof living like we colorblind/ we seen it all state to state time to cross another line/ it was never hood enough/ it was never good enough/ always bein critical seems you're never looking up/ something on the path changed often you would act strange/ relationships that never healed i could feel your back pain/ listen this is therapy/ this is for the both of us/ gotta live healthily/ chakras never opened up/ gotta get heavenly/ rage in the atmosphere/ love you but i gotta go change i aint lasting here/ heading for the runway/ making sure the path is clear/ bright like a sun ray/ forget it/ you get one life and lets live it/ one in the body thousand others in the spirit/ was tired of that music you get dumber when you hear it/ so i turned it off/ turned on myself/ and i became the song/ a living mantra for the day i'm gone/no one one to blame it own/ we put ourselves under a spell like drug addiction its alright until the loves missing/ its time i tell you that/ natures gotta take its own course there's no welcome mat/ when home aint your home no more you gotta tell em that

hook: I don't wanna be with you no more 2x

Dear Babylon, it seems every place that i've been/ it never lasts long its changing again/ for the better though scenes we aint never know/ belize maybe mexico/ winter time used to have to freeze like a eskimo/ divorced from my homeland/ living as a nomad lifes just a program/ gotta know the viruses / fight like i'm conan/ shouldn't try to label me i aint rocking no brand/price gets unsavory/ quit the corporate life alright you're done slaving me/ be my own money alright you're done paying me/ i'm done hating me/ ready for abundance now/ aint trying to face another cloud/i aint making underground/ music for the corpses/ this is for living.. beauty is my office/ working on this harmony/ art is just a part of me/ ask me what it cost it/ wasn't what i thought it be/ heavens what they offered me/ i just had to leave hell and never return/ thought i learned better but its better to learn/ aint no doubt now and never concerned/ so dear babylon/ dear evil/ dear hate dear africom/ dear nato/ tv and dear radio/ dear pepsi/ dear coke/ dear market/ dear kmart/ stores and dear target/dear shame dear fear/ dear apartments/ glad that we parted/ dear procrastination we aint never get it started/ dear public school/ dear president/ dear congress/ dear greed i'm leaving dear hesitance/ dear hospital staff and dear medicine/ dear job/ dear religion/ dress stress my friend/ i'm done here no encore no etcetera/ i turn around take a look back and tell america
Track Name: JoyFull

never let no one no one take your joy away X2
and have happiness happiness every day
you don't have to wait no more love is here to stay

yea get out the past and find a reason to smile/ cuz if you don't your the thief of right now/ that dropped the present trying to reach for my cloud/ am i loud am i proud and clear/ get your hating ass outta here/ for positive vibes a constant supply/ don't you see god in your eyes/ assured manner you aint gotta replay/ honestly i can't honor those lies/ yea the truth will set em free/ but right before it they put a booth collecting fees/ on the road to your destiny this is heresy/ listen i'm a legend see/ different i'm allegedly/gifted by the treasury/ cursed i'm responsible/ see why we're never free/ birthed in a hospital/ like we're born sick/ worthless…impossible/ i'm from higher planet/ up from the sky i landed/ i held the world hostage/ love is what i demanded/ see how the mind enhance it/ den got the masses frantic/ and ready to blast and panic/ i'm steady my path is granted/ cuz i know me young man to O G/ I'm so me/ totally real it thats my holy appeal/ whats my fortune show me the wheel/ bio cosmical fire logical at higher obstacles/ this is what you gotta do gotta find the god in you/ only you are stopping you/ how they get the lock on you/ you're eternal how'd they get a clock on you/ you aint flavor fav misery is not for you

inhale deep creatively inspired/ by the motion of the heavens no escaping these desires/ so I turned my back on most the faces we admired/ and went my own my way and i patiently acquired/ everything i would ever need/ to be a better me wit heavens seeds/ planted in my soul/ i know extacy/ without a drug unconnected and free/ to be original/ beautiful mind thats deep spiritual/ i'll switch the whole game in a week to being lyrical/ every since i stepped on the scene their seeing miracles/ Kalik Scientific is amazing to me/ so i'm just living everyday as my favorite mc/ i paint pictures in your thoughts of the places i see/ in my imagination/ closing my eyes its no exaggeration/ birth of a solar ray/ 1st thing wit no delay/ breathe in life mold the clay/ love it never goes away/ i'm waiting for the pope to say/ sorry to the children/ part of me's a villain/ you know the meanest soldier he is partially civiliian/ my rep is worth a million bucks pardon me a billion/ expecting all the haters to say pardon me i feel him/ i'm just giving what i'm given / isn't every day a perfect one the feel the way i'm feeling/ but you gotta be holistic wanna heal the way healing/ real in everything i'm doing/ and so heavens my conclusion/ now you stepped inside illusion/ still you question why you losing/ from the unseen/ this worlds an uncomfortable dream/ till you wake up to a colorful scene/ from summer to spring/ you cant fly put you under my wing/ only stand amongst nothing but kings/ from above its all love when your heart has got something to sing.
Track Name: Higher Dreams

higher dreams
cuz what i saw before is now lost cuz theres much more

verse 1
My heart wrote this poem for you/ your the reason why the oceans so blue/ i want to share my mind, soul, body and my emotions with you/ felt you way before we spoke just couldn't focus on you/ and every words no exageration/ you're still wet from the ocean of my imagination/ i'm your reward i'm sure yours mine and so congratulations/ this path i'm facing/ filled with wonder, love and fascination/ let's build a new world thats greater than our past creations/ mastered satan by relaxing patient/ I love your smile i swear your laugh is ancient/ i walked a long time/ to get in front that long line/ of people trying to sleep wit you/ seeing through them deceiving you/ struggled to get your freedom too/ I needed you, beautiful lioness see this science right/ silent type/ messiah light/ uranus in the 1st house explosive damn im dynamite/ never cold to you cuz i'm trying to keep your fire bright/ already on the top of a mountain let's reach a higher height/ your thick exotic fruit, snakes would have to use a wider bite/ scorpionic logic makes lust had to control it cuz/ my magic wand chanting dripping cobras blood/ know its love/ this aint a want or asking/ more like demanding we get lost inside a storm of passion/ next to where the waters crashing/ lifted cuz it's more relaxing/ we weren't ready before but now i know it's time/ me and you are so divine/when they catch a glimpse of us once and it will blow their mind/ living on an island scene/ nature all around swear you're gifted I admire queens/ so listen to the choir scream/ speakers plus a wider screen for viewing all our higher dreams.

verse 2
disappointed i was/ when things didn't work i out i destroyed because/ i was waves on a sandcastle that saw a greater one/ the frame on a growing picture past that i painted from/ melted in a day the sun/ rays of the ancient ones/ fallen empires that rose in time would crumble fast/ thinking bout the falls winters spring and the summers past/ the only one constant is change its strange nothing lasts/ but when it comes to a close/ then somethings exposed/ it never stops/ synchronized my watch with the heavens clock/ and here you are right on time/ wit life on my mind/ i stare in to your sensual gaze/ then kiss your lips so gently i'm sorry but i meant to behave/ and caught a flash of the weak times i meant to be brave/ felt slightly nervous as i entered the stage/ but that would end soon/ cuz once i knew it didn't exist my thoughts could bend spoons/ and this the end tune/ i knew my friends moon/ and so cycle is done/ i'm on the way out/ but entering a whole new world the plans laid out/ the soundtrack of passion was gone once the fire left/ i gathered coal to fuel up my soul and i tried to rest/ have to keep building like you aint got the time to stress/ the universe took it all back like the IRS then i the voice in my head said dream higher next.
Track Name: Be Loved
Excuse me sweetheart/ yea, I know I speak art/ Your vibration called me wait I need to restart......Pardon love this aint a script that i'm reading from/ Natures my book I turn the page when the season comes/ Tsunamis coming we dont need to run make love through it on the highest of waves until the reaper cums/ I need the moon I know you need the Sun/ when the students ready then the teacher comes/ i see and now we're here/ no need for flesh we can breathe with no lungs/ inhale etheric sound that's powerfully clear/ let's start a revolution/ inside your womb forget the problems we're the resolution/ let's be the answer/ beat the cancer leaving deaths pollution/ our unity is beautifully the devils execution/ take a moment am I coming to strong/ Numerology tell me is my number too long/ I'm here to be your number 1 not you're number 2 song/ that's on replay/ our loves soundtrack we call 3 way/ got the creator on the line just to give our thanks/ we climb the kundalini ladder up forbidden ranks/ then we took our wealth from out the central banks and placed it in our heart with a hidden angst/ tell me is my wisdom frank/ swimming in an ocean of love/ sailed through rivers like the motion of blood/ but take it easy overdosing's a flood/ I love the smile of yours/ i love your style it's pure/ i see you smiling more/ walk a thousand miles or more to join you on the island shore/ Making love's the best strategy during times of war/ that's balance of it/ just keep your chalice covered/ I'll fill your glass with the fluids from the clouds above it/ sipping tears from the sky/ the years that go by/ get washed in the memories/ our love is eternal/ we waited centuries just to touch when it's fertile/ lust for your herbals/ your blush is a thermal/ quickly rushed to the circle/ but still on my square about it/ If it's not about love then we don't care about it/ so just imagine it won't throw no money on you/ I'll shave some cinnamon sticks and throw some honey on you/ occultly played it smart/ consulted natal charts/ we made our mark upon the ancients arts/ my sacred heart/ chlorophyll inside a wine glass is our favorite liquor/ bees kept our secrets spoke to flowers in a masons whisper/ taking pictures in our DNA to save in scriptures/ patience delivers/ well...lets step inside this portal together/ we gave our wings up so we can be mortal together/ and just a day with you is more like forever/ our spirits mesmerized/ and this is it this ain't a dream or an exercise/ and finding you is such a pleasant surprise/ my gaze measuring the depth in your eyes/ to see our destiny rise/ send a swarm to protect our beehive/ and so I wrote this in a past life so you would recognize/ the face of a legend/ each day is a blessing/ when you face my direction/ this an ancient connection
Track Name: Fire in Air
verse 1
I tell the truth when I speak there's no delay about it/ I love you brother for real there's nothing gay about it/ I'll always help you succeed F what they say about it/ cuz you're the sun in the sky shine when the day is clouded/ I aint gonna wait no more/ There's No time for competion or debate no more/ and its not a
bout what nation or what color you are/ that doesn't make the kind of brother you are/ i love myself and so i finally can love who you are/ divine masculine/ mastered in/ it's time that we live without the mask again/ time passes men/ become kings from kings into Gods/ our logic even thinkings a job/ and now nature is our medicine book/ no more walking down the street giving negative looks/ cuz misery is a hell of a crook/ that steals happiness/ that's why heaven has gates dont get trapped in it/ its great to see you so high and aware/ you and I are like fire and air/ dear brother you're my other self/ always blessed with abundant wealth/ love is health/ we tried bein other than kings it seemed nothing helped/and love is spelt I just want peace for you and nothing else/ the nucleus of twin atoms/ listen its advancing/no mansion makes me prosperous you and me are promised bliss/ god an i'm autonomous/ no problem we on top of this/ vision we enhancing/ Jewel em!

fire in the sky
in this air i breathe
where that prana lies
living chemistry
what you think inside
shapes your destiny
have you realized
you are heavenly

cuz the science is rare
the alliance of the gods yea i am aware
i love myself so i'm inspired to care
you and i are like fire and air
my brothers

verse 2
to see you get your family back/ that would help you get your sanity back/ we reunited overcoming all their plans of attack/ i know it hurt for you to be without no work to do/ so make you some creative one let em come and search for you/ our contract in babylon is permanently certainly through/ time to travel on/ ...they say when you in rome as the romans do/ well i aint roaming i'm on Gods cell tower/ speaking magic spell power/ on these wholesale cowards/ selling out for nothing my life is paradise don't want your hell end of discussions/ guess i wasn't bein clear enough appearance where their bluffing/ for my real deal brethren/ heavens in/ shamanic gods shangrila medicine/ the chemists that blend/ that never pretend/ see the future far/reading human stars/ resolution bars/ wizards spit the holy science like sri yukteswar/christened wit a higher purpose/ swimming just to find the surface/ spending every moment to grow just know your time is worth it/ so we've gotta create/ you gotta know i see God in your face/ my brothers keepers being honest relate/ we molded planets put the comets in shape/ weapons down picking up a hammer to build/ examined it still/ cuz we got a plan to fulfill/ here's a secret for the queens being handsomes a skill/ they say we move mysterious we can vanish at will/ ... cuz being man is a thrill/ responsibility to handle your will/ time for peace we should stand and be still/ like the sun is/ the light like the 1 is/ inhale the breathe of life so tight it made our lungs big/ and since we're one kid/ i breathe in and then you breathe it out/ unity is what i speak about/so i'm reaching out, i admire you/ i'd ride for you/ thinking that were different i arrived just like you who are we lying to/time we give our seeds, something greater to aspire to Jewell em!
Track Name: True Royalty

yea we're true royalty stand at attention/ salute to the greatness plan your ascension
transform love come and soar with the phoenix/ king wit a crown i'm around if you need it
true royalty praise be the glory/ you're the book of life each day your story/ Queen wit a crown i am proud just to be wit this love that i found you were bound to receive it

verse 1
You seen me serious but that aint my only face/ within my universe but it aint my only space/ you say that heaven is a lonely place/ seems you never been welcomed you to my cloud enter the golden gates/ hold your waist/ melt your cold embrace/ till you know its safe/ with the heat of love we glide like we on roller skates/ lets take our time let me slow the pace/ seems if loves a crime you can close the case/ guilty as charged/ keep it clean being filthy is hard/ your fam examined me "he really is god"/ I skillfully nod/ and tilt my halo/ and let my rays show/ still we allah/ subhana yes my sililoqy's odd/ Love your venusian ways/ duck what the people say/ inside a secret maze/ be amazed if you aint there when i reach the stage/ and we aint sleep for days/ i want a child with you/ and gradually the 1st step becomes miles wit you/ the wind dressing your hair natures ya stylist too/ studied you before we 1st met I had my file on you/ knew what you liked/ nubian height/my strange fruit thats unusually ripe/ a beautiful light/ in human form/ perfect inspiration for my newest song/ and right next to me thats where you belong/ I know you're a queen your exes still think you a pawn/ kalik is divine defined this body as just my uniform/ last night the way that you performed was masterful/ and you're a natural/ actual sex magical/ the universe sent the package through/ swear I asked for you/ caught the phoenix king as i rise might get some ash on you/ just brush it off your locs/ our loves unorthodox/ gorgeous to watch/ its more than your crotch/ a portal for crops/ develop seeds born in a box/ like a raised bed/ together we're here to raise the dead/ spy tap our sky map our synastry amazed the feds/ couldn't sabotage the world praise what we spread/ only truth i won't play wit ya head/ my youth spoiled me/ but here we are standing as one like true royalty!

verse 2
you found out my secret rays on my halo/ hello ayo jewels many pray fo/ fall into my crown like rain and make rainbows/ My heart made of gold chest made of silver/ blood made of iron i'm a real builder/ king amongst men why pretend we familiar/ you aint in my family you are all gorillas/ living all carnal/ what about venus why you living all martial/ tell me wise gentlemen do you know what ya heart do/ living all science but do you know what your art do/ claiming that you smart too/ and i know you are listen you're a holy star/ what about the 3 kings drifting in the sky soon/ listening to my tunes/ we're the real triune/ love you're a beauty/ you aint just a dream anymore you're a movie/ life is on a big screen/ righteous cuz i live clean/ loving how your hips lean/ flying in my ship seen/ spotted by the men in black/ the lord of the galaxy pardon i aint mention that/ wars a catastrophe/ was born mathematically/ loves the real money i'm allured by your salary/ i'm sure that you balance me/ hold you on the balcony/ overseeing everything/ why they still doubting me/ a fool and his money will soon part/ a wise man remains a shame love pumps in few hearts/ sorry that i cut you when we touched and i'm too sharp/ turn on my light body never stuck when its too dark/ the human torches/ twin flames and you super gorgeous/ true bosses/ old gains and new losses/ i move loyally/ we're true royalty
Track Name: Inside of You
I love your inner smile/ we haven't spoke a lot so i know it's been a while/ i ain't forget about you/ plus we've always been one I've never been without you/ i never meant to doubt you/ i know i held you back/ but i was scared you would fail i meant to tell you that/ i was responsible for holding you down/ wasn't bright enough not until showed you your crown/you tried to spread your wings but i only showed you the ground/ so you were scared to fly/ because i thought you would fail i made you scared to try/ so how aware was i/ now we share the sky/ you're my hidden star/ you've risen so far/ and still bright from how distant you are/ you didn't play a lot/ things were too serious shy you didn't say a lot/ following a matrix plot/ sitting on an ancient rock/ contemplating in my favorite spot/ how you changed a lot/ wanna tell you that I'm proud of your growth/ life's a musical now you're playing powerful notes/ intuition from your heart saying powerful quotes/ inspirational turning others doubts into hopes/ mahogany prince/ was hardly convinced/your heart could resent/ since you forgave me its been harmony since/ and so i praise you much/ thankful for your trust/i was kinda strict/ know that i affected your health when i was kind of sick/ had you locked behind a brick/ wall then a silent mist/ drifted up inside of this/ form of a godly man/ used to think i couldn't now i prolly can/ seen it in advance like a sonagram/ you will never grow old/ eternal seed tried to keep you warm when its so cold/ you're so bold from bein afraid to bein on stage/ you're a bird that is free wit no cage/ i remember when/ ya heart broke/ schemed you would never win/ dreamed you had far hopes/ seemed you had extra skin/ still hurt beneath it all/ pains an investment in/ a greater character/ every day on the calendar/ a shame how they counted us/ out before we began/ empowered to shout/ its all in your hands/ quite unique/ life's a beach when you fought for the sand/ your waters unplanned tsunamis like the shore of japan/ your emotion is powerful/ be sure where you stand / cuz most couldn't get it out of you/ doesn't mean its not there/ your so old you're measured in millenniums and not years/ confident just mildly concerned while others got fears/ you smile while they drop tears/ and falsehood you seen it from miles before it got near/ when not clear/ you gave me advice/ that made me think twice/ be patience with life/ against the grain like you hated rice/ change is alright/ so lets live for now/ forget the how/coming from a distant cloud/ christened in you're vision/ i was summoned just to gift the crowd/ here with the Olympians ain't one of us that isn't proud/ cheered by Orishas/ eureka/ i need ya/ you're spirit is the breath in my genes/ now I'm physical,its biblical you ain't nothing less than supreme/ i age so you can live on protecting our dreams/ we're all living in a different now / i sit and bow/ this a letter from above delivered on a dove to my inner child/ continue being loved and that's it for now.