by Ka Zodiak

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released October 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Ka Zodiak Teaneck, New Jersey

Kalik Scientific is an artist ahead of his time. Witnessing the demise of the once revolutionary genre of Hip Hop by the covert plans of the clandestine elite he joined forces with other Divine spirited artists to build the God Hop confederation practicing what he terms cosmic rap. He is the mc of tomorrow, the product of our past, the vision of the future and the soundtrack of forever. ... more

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i hear you liars whisper claim there's better fire spitters, water current wind blowing ground breaking wiser, richer, flyer, inner mayan pillar/ star the brightest shine and glitter/ those who know are 85 those who do provide the deliver/ cozomphyzic i'm the blueprint of a new 5%er/ sun and moon 8 points flag let me describe it quicker/ mercury to pluto its what you must compute so you can understand the angles of life in the the sky's scripture/ phoenix rise place loud statements in silent whispers/ see the higher picture cry a river time liquor/ fermented from the fruits of patience harmonize the bitter/ and i made it sweet/ how could they compete when there's no race at all/ if you see a finish line/ you don't have the vision i'm eternal i create it all/ so you can't escape the walls built by the fallen dreams locked inside a sacred hall/ answer when the angels call what kind of fate befalls/ a doubtful man who's faith is small/ the holiest you know me its the sacred i awake em all/ eyes glowing hands were torn broken to embrace my fall/ through the atmosphere wit you i came in that material/ umm whats it called again that secret wars black spider man dark melanin/ space plasma trapped in an african rap cherubim/ who's better than, my checks i never spend/ hate aint good here Amexemerican/ love built my exoskeleton best to ever bend the 4 elemental jinns/ oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen, time to use ya mind again/ ready to retire skin well i could take you higher then/ string the string along prolly violate the violin/ victim with a silent grin/ the pleasure of defeat/ when a fear of success is preventing your release in the story of your glory still the end is incomplete/ though i'm heavenly they say that on this mic that i'm a beast/ from ciphers on the streets/ i'm the bible on these beats/ speak good inside a priests hood/ my thoughts are intuitive feet where that unique stood/ minds in the innersphere/ i'm the only witness here/ out ya jurisdiction you stand and got no business here/ keep ya commercial code/ this is the motion picture not a commercial yo/ lyrics reverse the globe i burnt my robe lit dynamite that made my verse explode/ flip the switch the earth reloads/ depopulation detox/ and prolly when you heard this heat rock so scared your knees knock/ i'm in the jungle bumping god hop until the trees bop/ and cause floods and clean up the world i made the trees mops/ then gaze in the heart of the sun until this breeze stops/ it feels wonderful i'm shango the thunder Tru, n livin/ untouchable, spirit of the holy men/ knowledge of the cipher since only 10/ the golden gem space in my lungs breathe deep/ cuz thats the zone i'm in/ solar wind/ grow and ascend arise ancient one/ i'm harder than a Hatian drum/ vodoon spoke the souls tunes until the stage is numb/ the spirits in hiatus come/ beating for the slaves to be free sipping jamaican rum/ i live on while haters is stunned/ since one album, i stayed strong salute to the spirit of young malcolm/ so whats it all about then, who you think you are kalik/ to choose to use your heart to speak/ but why you keep ya art so deep/ stupid is whats popular/ so is subtle suicide/ struggle till you lose and die/ dark clouds abuse the sky i love life and thankful i'm here to touch you and I/ internet computer spies/ interjecting rumors lies/ coffee spills heart attack big mac was super sized/ Abra Kalik the magi/ dabra the chief the rabbi/ pastor the priest/ in fact I/ spit that holy flow till the beat is boom baptized/ but who's the bad guy when dark and lights the force in us all the snakes chastise/ chariot of flame burn slow the sweet smell it/ the yin and yang eternally linked yet each celibate/ hermetical magician/ open portals through a mirror certain sexual positions/ a medical prescription and a telescope to measure angelical heaven rhythm/ planetary exorcism vibration and magnetism/ my station you have to listen/ baddest spittin holy ghost apparatus apparition/i don't have no competition/ i jump inside their bodies to give em a chance at winning/ for the fun of it/ no matter what's lost you can recover it/ global hovership/ star gates on my community i teach through the levels I reach for all the youth to see/ intuition station broadcast sent by the future me/ I shape shift into a great disc before the humans see/ i teleport quick and escape with my immunity.
They say all hypnosis, is self hypnosis/ you walk into the to the room shake my hand lose your focus/ I sat in the position of the lotus seemed in mid air/ you stare up at the ceiling with a blank stare/ drifting in and out of consciousness tilt the chair back/ aware that you lost control walking the stairs muttered a prayer blacked/ traveling through time as the sky began to rain that/ familiar drip drop you could feel the window's pain cracked/ a devious mischievous smirk relived your misdeeds/ in this life and many before you're sure to mislead/ yourself from forgotten judgements you aint atone for/ a giant black hole opened wide beneath the whole floor/ we fall in slow motion as the buildings all broken/ smoke is everywhere no gravity you drift from the chair/ a lil scared find a key in the air so you grab it quick/ levitate to the right door the number matched wit it/ the locked clicked twisted your wrist and heard a clock tick/ entering a past life scene and didn't watch it you're a part of it/ tried to twist the scene from the start of it/ manipulate to escape your chest had no heart in it/ bullet in your own skull rewind from the target wit a slow spin wobble like the globe spin/ backwards in a cloud of smoke into the barrel placed by your old chin/ gun inside a limp cold hand was hope thrown away/ blown away penciled in death came for ya soul today/ debt was on your doorstep shook felt its the only way/ suddenly there's life in your lungs and there was more breath/ in the present passive aggressive and often heard less/ inquired bout your frequent headaches over concerned stress/ anxiety you never forgave just left quietly in this life you'll learn to be brave a blessed irony/ the fog on your eyes fades gradual i'm back with you/ tears from a past renewed/ understood the cycle reborn and so the path is new/ you hand me cash thank me i smile and give it back to you/ i'd ask you but you couldn't see/ the prequel never heard the plea/ i'd certainly be/ the hand that came to take your head it prolly woulda been me/ instead i'm saving it before guess i just took what i need/ I had a karmic vision myself glanced thought no it couldn't be/ my hand reached the doorknob ya number on the scorecard/ i walk you to the courtyard slow like i was war scarred/ the past few i killed a handful wished for a different job/ shook hands deja vu gave me a faint bewildered nod/ i stay cool we part in your hands a blank business card/ told you keep it till the full moon/ and when you did a large/ symbol with an L in an eye appeared you flipped it read/ i can't take take money for deeds done with the gifts of God/ now bring this to a spirit you hurt and raise the living dead
woman on the ground fell down he ran with her pocket book/ quickly he never stopped and looked swiftly/ dashing i watched his foot hit it badly had suffered a nasty fall when she dropped he took/ off dodging the other people/ who thought just another negro/ like all he does is free throws/life is a wicked peepshow/ to the inquisitive prolly rapping or thuggin we know/ he seemed the typical Bet child grown up raised as a criminal/ slain without an interview/ police behind seen and they ran/ leaped from the van/ blam/ standard procedure is it/ they saw a thief had did it/ changes everything i know a secret hid it/ you'll never find it until you learn see you missed it/

woman on the ground fell down he ran with her pocket book/ prescription for her inhaler thats empty he was shock and took/ off to the pharmacy maybe a couple yards from me/ she told him not to watch or look/ to quickly fill it took the whole bag no time to sort it out listen you beta watch the hook/ events on earth you gotta line em up with stars/ a couple days before breathing all hard upon the yard balling/ he met a cozmo musician who said the stars were falling/ he did his chart in his head he said that mars walks across his cap ascendant tomorrow in square to mercury conjunct the moon/ your wife has got asthma her breathings hard often/ be cautious, hope you caught this watch the police/ pluto in scorpio wit mars you might get shot in your feet/ said there's a chance only one of you lives if one of you pass/ but which one is which i aint the one you should ask/ change perspectives
cuz what you don't know will make your neck twist/

woman on the ground fell down or so she made it seem/ a pre cog prophetic see odd visions and better dreams/ nightmares events that'll come and some are right there/ abused she loses minutes of breath she's 29yrs/ but rapid aged side effect of acting afraid/ her ex he was the young cop thats speeding/ who's gun blazed/ twisted and jealous made/ in a hell of a rage the total plans on the page in the development stage/ premature when you judge it/ on his leg blood seen the blood drip/ it seems the pictures crooked until you fit the puzzle/ the anger of a man when your wife didn't love you cuz she saw his adulterous ways occultly amazed before he even did it/ he was stuck in his ways and fingerprinted/ she was poisoned wit thoughts thats too vivid/ she didn't comprehend the future could be different/ now distant/ thats when the bliss went/ but here's the deep part/ the guy she's with former police who took the streets heart/ he shot his exes man in the back attempted robbery/ it didn't stick he tried to go back so he could stop it see/ resent is a time machine built by false poverty/ conspiracists wit biblical scripts are all gossipy/ the man that the officer shot was his future self back to stop his actions of hate but don't confuse yourself / the timeline's designed in the skies without no human help.
Track Name: TAKE A STAND
The say, i'm an immortal legend none of us more or less than/ earths the daughter of heaven/ young and beautiful crescent gracing her outer limits/ the game they counterfeited/ they can't control the world they don't know how to spin it/ take the power and shift it/ this i doubt i'm a quit it/ eons of ancient knowledge they was bound to forget it/ they couldn't read the planets don't know how to predict it/ sit the flower in liquid and when the petals fall climb over heavens walls/ nothings beyond everything hell is a delusion broken devils wings grow new feathers on their back when i pass cuz i'm the everything/ science is a special thing chosen by ancestral kings/ council of the magistrate studied where the masters ate/ hurry cuz we can't be late/ circle through the labyrinth/ how long does the magic take/ wait i feel a dizzy spell coming but i'm glad i went/ i'm adamant that i'm an atom sent with galactic prints/ can't digest it at once so let it marinate/ like sacraments the golden emperor/ in this millennia brain is solar temperature/ indigo since embryo stage the sole inheritor/ concerned with galactic welfare controlling nebulas/ never known a replica hello ghetto america/ your time is coming shortly/ deciphered the higher story/ my minds has inspired glory/ known to defy the majority/ theres only one authority the author that forever writes/ cracking numerology codes up in my bed at night/ my astral plane crashed so i switched it up for a better flight/ ufo flow cozmophix breathe in 7 lights/ the esoteric rays i display what a majestic sight/ gotta take a stand tell em you can keep yo stress and strife/ stand firm profess when you're right this what a man learns/ uh shake my hand and conclude it/ now the planets polluted/ grab yo cannon and shoot if you planning then do it/ ln my heart i'm applauding take a stand for this music

you gotta stand or lay there/ nobody wants to play fair/ the worlds a global day care/ run by a soul that aint there/ i'm a stand if you're sitting/understanding this mission/ your whole plan it is fiction/ god isn't mystery thats the planets description/ nobody's rent is paid its the planets eviction/ lifes reality show i cancelled my subscription/ social camera religion/ instagrams on the scale powder on my face book nose and got that panic itching/ twitter twitch privacy lost taste with a bitter twist/ clutching on your bible cross/ souls on the register adding up the final cost/ inflation for the nations usury they been using me/ pay to live and die when being human is free/ and i swear for being stupid's a fee, you can't pay it/ the truth's on the tip of your tongue but can't say it/ libra got the scales of ma'at but won't weigh it/ yea i see the flames lit be brave when you testify/ and answer every question like your blessing every x with y/ man divides land and he sections the sky/ and makes water lines/ the karma of nature you'll pay a stronger fine/ if you aint got a plan for a better world then i'll offer mine/ i'm off your time no i couldn't say it in a softer rhyme/ so are you really ready are your feelings steady/ are you tired of driving does the wheel get heavy/ let me take the drivers seat a moment wanna heal you'll let me/ gov't body snatching/ a bunch of zombies rapping/ always a calm reaction till i emerge like the loch ness I came out the sea left in tsunami fashion.
idol worshipping america was born inside your audience/ a crowd of blind men and women just waiting to applaud again/ permission just to clap in this trap of media sorcery the next best thing on a string singing awkwardly/ offer me nothing cameras on streets hate they record me/ societies reality show who's your authority/ who's script are you reading, your costume who's the designer of it/ why so many rocking it too who came to blind the public/ dizzy from a star struck blow but still from hard luck/ they never do a thing for your life but still your hearts stuck/ worshipping the stars on your screen its hard to be seen/ from horror scenes harlem theme/ apollo legend stats broke a few legs in my day following heavens map/ grew wings my soul just new things/ so whats a puny star to who we are/ sloppy shoe strings tied to a blues guitar/ old pans wooden drum sticks/ until the sun hits and bonfiyah burn in the hills heat up ya mood rings/ more clues bring awareness some will care for the careless/ but planets spin patient cosmic love makes the air rich/ raise the sun when the snare hits/ prepare for the switch as days rise and light swallows stars in the sky/ so its in your dark times when its hard to get by/ that the others seem brighter/ admire the uninspired while the constellations circle from the tongues of the choir/ i exhaled this rhyme from the lungs of a messiah/ and no shrine or statue to praise what i've acquired and my, appreciation of iife extends skyward/ uh have you deciphered christ words become a light bird/ or just a lost sheep in the field without the right herd/ i hope what i writes heard/ my life occurred regardless of the red carpet artists/ from paparazzi targets to what? are you retarded/ barely gave a slight baby hair who gets an award/ cuz these days all i'll give is my sword/ false idolaters the social step choreographers/ wearing yamaka's/ that hate to acknowledge us/ my university is space colleges/ and so i model bliss/ i'm the anonymous deity secretly born with super consciousness/ and no oath to secrecy build me a space monument/ children are great accomplishments/ spoke in a saints frequency the stars apocalypse angels wit torn halos/ turn air to tornadoes break bread with more queso/ make pure rainbows the skies that i survey show within the milky way there'll never be a star like you the laws say so.

if you had celebrity status back when i was born/ they'll prolly mention you today and they yawn/ the dawns coming on the city of insomnia/ societies a giant mafia/ they say don't trust a soul/ i'm trying to touch the scroll/ hidden in the time code/ seasons of the mind globe/ can't believe it when the shine strobe lights divine mode/ celebrities spill drinks on doors through the eyehole/ and my role's the torpedo that made ya spine cold/ death is a chill felt when i glow/ miraculous/ awards fall out of the case of fake activists/ acting fish swim in small bowls with lone cactuses/ here we are sleeping again with no mattresses/ …hope you can still think i still gotta fill in some links/ a young beast sipping milk from the sphinx/ a new history seduced by the obvious lies, a nude mystery/ wise all days are new gifts to me/ the myth of me is something most will never understand/ have a grand earth trine but i'm never on the land/ since they couldn't see the bird in the man human totem pole/ a microchip with psychic overload, made ya modem blow/ prepare for your mocha overthrow young milky way vanilla clay/ chocolate dirts rich and its still hooray/ celebrate ya cells are great the flesh it will still decay/ travel on a spiral highway of star DNA/ galactic helix double dragons that let the needle stray/ the worlds a broken record of songs that we don't need to play/ electromagnetic mc's with great ethics/ phoenix transform through the gates the snakes exit/ pathetic media give fame to the generic/ while the talented inherit bad credit/ math medic here to balance all your check books of life with authentic awe/ sent it to the planet your face they all in it/ one minute you're in finite cosmos the pure spin it from unique to a freak on the stage with short limits/ and you lose some dignity on the chase for long digits/ giant in a museum encased by strong midgets walk wit us through a brain star gate wit thought physics /....study them encased in a frame my lost lyrics/ may the greatest star within you perform sell more tickets. well forget it/ its kalik scientific
quit the pain pills you gotta brain still/ no allegra poppin, ibuprofen time is motion zantac/ and oxycontin/ drugs from a pharmacy tree the bodies prolly rotten/ love it in this farm i see fresh the best of oxygen/ food be your medicine learn to eat what's best for you/ cosmobiological love in each vegetable/ kale, arugula to swiss chard i got a rich yard/ might wanna switch to coconut oil you'll never miss lard/ soil sift aryurvedic thoughts made me oil swish/ rawness on my royal dish/ moringa on my finger/ green coke bring the holy bliss/ wisdom for the thinkers/ drink a glass of chlorophyll fruit smoothie generic waters spill/ alka-line up for machines that cost you more to fill/ science ancients moors revealed/ opened them where doors were sealed/ from super sized to shorter meals/ poisoned how your waters feel/ exercise your swords and shields/ knowing that we all can heal

to live great/ forget fate/ change now forget wait/ mentally we lift weight/ of bags filled wit sick hate/ no cards saying get well just guilt for your shipmates/ sailing life's ocean with a hole up in your ship mate/ let your words sound powerful speaking it if your lips shake/ and play your cards if your hands tremble when you drop em/ kiss the lotus petals glowing slowly mentally you'll blossom/ let your intuition drive your ego sits where you can watch em/ don't compare what others have with whats yours that paths a dead end/ and pains the last house on the street the home of dead men/ resent drains your batteries fast your light is spread thin/ revenge is a spiritual death you made your bed then/ think deep until your head bends and wrap your mind around it/ universe of colors and sound then wrapped time around it/ let the blame go like your change before the toll booth/ and stay blocked or pass and get fined before's your souls truth/

yoga for the solar young soldiers thats forever free/ inhale aromatherapy/ so incredibly/ change comes so un-regrettably/ the pain's from trying to firmly hold on to what you knows gone/ presently i'm in extasy/ whats next to see my crystal ball's the moon lift the wall/ of your fearful mind and enter the womb of music therapy/ holy spirit of god hop remains heavenly/ old deaths and new lifetimes the same enemies/ karma phantom leaps from the past and lays penalty/ betrayal to your happiness jealousy's an internal wound faith in your injury/ purpose for your suffering think different reverse the moon/ the tides will turn just learn the tune this music cause your world to bloom/ they hurt us to soon most don't recover quickly/ i celebrate with those who struggled with me/ when you crash heal and move fast and click you buckle quickly/ sadly most won't see the choice/ speak your voice/ please rejoice .
Track Name: HEAVENLY
golden sunset pretty sundress my earths silhouette/ painted clouds with a soft brush exotic birds play the horns in back of me a slight breeze blows do you feel it yet/ the mountain air fresh and how aware we are/ laughing as we stare afar/ the sky is translucent just seen a glaring star/ colorful oranges, blues and violet undertones/ solar rays i'm so amazed its paradise's because i'm home/ the views like a painting that moves/ to musical drums its something more what beauty becomes/ the smell of flowers was delivered to my nostrils when a whiff of what i smoke my lungs/ are healthy with a tantric breath slowly how it calms my stress/ from a distant life i lived/ somehow i keep my cipher cipher big/ but still the inner circle who i live with is a virtue/ the sound of children laughing is medicinal you'll learn to/ the vision you deserve too/ paraiso past the ego if you listen is the keyhole/ for the door of what i see yo/ we grow the painting evolves/ the makers of oz/ the grass is always greener on the mountain thats across from you/ the fountain where the waters blue/theres more to view/ cuz this is just the beginning my intuition whispered/ was the thought of you/ i offer you a chance to receive what man could achieve/ the highest goal is spiritual wealth thats a messiahs gold/ behold nirvana hope's in my posture/ just felt my chakras glow/ loving my environment/ the holy spirit within us is coming out retirement/ when you see the shine repent/ no reason why should i resent/ the seasons i've recycled since/ the rightful prince i light incense i'm quite intense i smile at whats ahead of me/ the destiny that's meant for me yea i'm so

heavenly 3x
thats how it is to describe this sky
heavenly 3x
thats how i live inside of I

how to explain the euphoric feeling before i poured it/ the water bearer squeezed a couple clouds where there's a shortage/ you didn't yea i sure did/ underground the most intelligent life aint on the surface/ whats your gift/ i'm blowing pure piff/ upon the balcony/ mountain out your range they claim i'm higher than the falcons be/ true and living shine the light to free you from the fallacy/ my phallus be a magic wand/ olympic torch light bearer life is a marathon/ we pass batons/ and carry legacies/ i married extacy i'm feeling extra free/ cuz life follows birth/ only fools wallow in hurt/ and need happiness/ i'm gone the wicked still will be scared his seeds after us/ spreading beauty where the ugly was/ its my duty to the future new seeds grow where the money was/ a distant memory spit prolific deep empathy/ this verse travelled from my old life from three centuries/ telepath rap i craft to speak mentally/ heaven is your natural state and thats specific aint it/ your heaven couldn't be mine and thats terrific aint it/ and you're the present yourself now thats gifted aint it/ you get the picture paint it so we can all see/ this blissful matrix/ created from visions of conformity/ the universal laws say the clouds are screaming water me/ seas evaporate skies drink it seems orderly/ but never ordinary anomaly speak gorgeously/ wit fire so my passion the path of unique sorcery/ you soon will see the power that was found within the source of me/ no days of banging on the skyline like what you want from me/ i nod yes took gods stress/ and move forwardly its inner paradise so their boxes can't corner me/ holy spirit of God right here i where i wanna be/ so heavenly living my life m
goodbye scared old world i don't apologize/ i can't stay once the logic dies/imagination's already assassinated/ popularized the foolish ways of these gossipers lives/ there's lots to deny/ why 'id rather face it though/ and i don't want your GMO food i wanna taste it know/ nothing cuz your formal educations all bluffing/ only see what they get paid to show/ the flaws of corrupt men/ the judges bend laws thats passed wit a corrupt pen/ congress is a con - test for your intelligence/ embellishments a way of life corporations have presidents/ so whats a nation like/ the truth is secrecy i guess we're all raised mason like/ torchlight academia where's the foresight/ cuz sheeple walking straight in the fence without a door like/ and then feed off your energy some until its sore bites/ tap water bottles say pure from springs that don't exist/ pollution from a chemical plant created slower fish with 4 eyes and too many fins still no one notices/ 1,000 birds fall from the sky i made my soul a list/ of things i'll never touch in this world until the polar shift

adios to your policy ghosts deceased laws written/ by cold dead hands clock upon us all ticking/ i can't stay here divorce is a short mission/ marriage takes a life time/ chemtrails spraying holy patterns in the skyline/ i write lines i hope will stay in your memory a stroke on your timeline/ a notch on your asteroid belt another guideline/ live on and let your pride shine/ like a fierce lion thoughts sharp i could pierce iron/ youth send their peers dying/ get hit wit years cryin/ but why then? forbidden sirens/ we live and die men/ trapped in an american dream until our minds bend/

quit ya job let your time spend/ plant a seed or 2/ the earth from which you came but don't even know has plans of meeting you / greeting you with nature and love above agreeable/ trees that grew reach for you/ fruits from the leaves to chew/ leave from where the demons grew/ do, the unachievable/ take it for what it means to you/ gotta believe in you/ shatter walls break the doors down/ why i'm unique to you/ we can't stay here in a world that's worth dying for but not living in / soldiers in a righteous war/ i write the cure/ diamonds galore/make a case you can't try to ignore/ the rocks cry you can't silence the shore/ the breeze yells out we need to help out/ forget the self doubt/ i'm bout to cash in on those who sell out/ devil aint welcome no more he threw himself out/ kalik sci i'm out of this world taking my cells out/ till hellfire bursts from the sun the rays spell out
music is a medicine its/
a long time and you never felt better than this/
its so pure you can never resist
turning everything wrong into heaven and bliss

musical medicine boosting your adrenaline/ doctors are the dj's drum controls the skeleton/ check how your records spin needle drop, hit ya bloodstream move ya melanin/ those without rhythm are lost and so i felt for them/ the fellas making poisonous songs are so meddlesome/ i choke the devils lungs with a higher frequency note i blow heavens guns/ who needs a hospital emergency room/ when you can play a song turn up the tune/ adrenaline bass that fight or flight burn up the moon till it disintegrate/ so keep your vaccination/ i'd rather rap amazing over soul indigo flow above the appalachians/ its character assassination on creation/ MC's are more chemical herbs are for the nations/ healing vegetation don't you feel acceleration/ the mic lines my life line notes inside my veins blend

answer for the cancer/ antidote is a piano note/ lyrics for my fans to quote/ spirits others can't evoke/ sebi of the music world/ married to the melody welcome to my future world/ rhythmic hypnotherapy/ 99 solutions and complaining isn't one of em/ shake and give the drummer some/ there are many ways to heal music is my number one/ i overcome they undergo surgery while others sung/ nurses use instruments tuning up the sick fix the strings for the sentiment/ melodically i implement music healthcare help there don't cost a single cent/ this kingdom that i bring you intermingle with the infinite/ sing it when i been through it hoping that you benefit/ i don't need to try on these shoes because its been a fit/ the progeny of solomon rise the 1st menelik/ learned to use my mental quick/ while industry rappers is weak looking for men to lick/

i'm in the east indian chief keeping the henna thick/ artist of the last dynasty the math syndicate/ measuring the dose of these ghosts on rap benedicts/ yea they purest doctrine is a neurotoxin and creatively they words are boxed in/ i brought the spirals out/ positive influence spread the cure for their viral doubts/ this is when the cycles drought ends/ another ciphers out/ disease become health again/ the flowers return when this song brought the showers to learn and so the rain fell for trying eavesdrop from the clouds what i display well/ just play my last album each day and you will stay well/ pray tell the time that we hatch from out of fates shell/ i pass tests and entered the class after the late bell/ i sang once the teacher just bowed said its a great spell/ evaporate the final tear drop inside the hate well/ your music it will make paradise or just create hell.
Track Name: GODS TIME
this is my time
in heaven i shine

i burned 2 pens today my ink is like lava/ my chi is bruce lee i breathe the right prana/ was known, as the greatest mc in Shambhala/ the lord of lords abba the maharajah/ you don't burn the right ganja aint learn the right mantra/ the worlds a false opera stage full of singers that scream, who've forgotten the words and lost tantra/ to a wizard what's a lowly magician that can't conjure turn your city to a diorama i'ma die rama/ why bother to teach the undead so improper/ one slice from my kitana precise i'm kenyatta/ jomo, the gods mojo throw a burning spear certain fears left me nj flew to aguada/iguanas in the sauna connect wit the akasha / leviathan what is a snake to anacondas/ i can see my way around just like a panaroma/ i'm way out my words spaced out just like commas/ every day is my souls saga the holy karma/ of a being thats not really a man i'm a phenomena/ so fast i broke light speed on the odometer/ shaman from a distant star code rap astrologer/ invest till the kids prosper forbidden gardener/ the birds are still flocking to me but not waka/ i'll have all of africa come through to bam body ya/ wounds of a godly mc its stigmata/ don't you hear the joy iriquous drums of hiawatha / sent durga to murder more arms than an armada/ flames in each hands my lights a candelabra/ ganesh in the flesh wit space.. marijuana thats rolled into the fold in a page from the apocrypha/ i'm the next reason why stupid is unpopular/ my mic gave birth to ida and pingala/ the twins shooters use a red dot when i spot em/ black dot my pineal pine needle rap rasta/ far eye that don't see close like binoculars/ jupiter talismans stones from antarctica/ lucifer lucid dreamed me in a mandala w/ mandela flying a ship from andromeda/ to stop a zionist plan shaytan hannukah/ The sun is a symbol of me the real swastika

was told by the elder gods live and be natural/ supreme mathematic its me kalik magical/ from nightmare on elm street now to peace avenue/ i swear if they seen you too long the streets laugh at you/ travel through a portal each day was trained masterful/ i burned another rhyme book today such a frequent thing/ it always resurrects from the ash the last phoenix king/ seasons bring change most brains have strange reasoning/ teach em things they never heard of the spells weakening/ yet some think i'm human like them until they see the wings/ the people sing out/ its my time now so let's cherish it/ celebrate each other while here and show benevolence/ the devils prints on the crime scene matches gods hands/ twisted mystery of an odd plan/ written by forbidden history that was hidden in the lodge fans/ folded in the bricks in the walls beneath art stands/ foolish how they kept it whats written in our genetics/ generic robotic humans they synthetic/ forget who said it if it's true then it's relevant/ my heritage is cosmic journeyed across a better bridge/ to the other side where i rise and i'ma never quit/ i'm unbreakable love is unmistakeable weapons is untraceable legend the sun favors you/ and i'm just trying to make it through this geometric pattern of a grid thats a maze to you/ chased by phantasms/ get your own wheels time you jump off ya mans wagon/ i'm an independent mind most worlds couldn't fathom/ inherited the shine fallen birds couldn't sadden/eternal free agent I broke from out the stratum/ crashed from the spaceship belt was unfastened guns blasting on the young laughing/ fashion for your thoughts fed passion on my fork i dress what imagine/ uniform thoughts bring action the caption on an instagram photo read/ solar dread atom/ science i'm your instant fan best that ever happened/ so.. lets get it cracking like we didn't back then/ the planets aligned its time that we plan to design/ a new reality fresh paradigm divine majesty/ the suns a sky battery smile its my salary hate drains your energy love is vitality
save children what a great feeling/ they're the future the pure its gets no truer/ why maneuver through adult minds with force to un-teach/ when you can use a memory thats fresh out the box like a computer/ thoughts travel back to the past like a commuter/ hopping on his first train stop the prosecutor responsible for too many lives in jail sooner/ enjoying kick backs wit a judge and state trooper/ it all started off as kids inside the sand box/ begins young our plan on this rock you understand akh/ you could be a great ruler/ or cruel dictator/ loyal friend or big traitor/ a rich banker that hordes wealth a kids behavior that never grew up/ a savior whats holding you up/ they hold the youth up, with poison inside a juice cup/ so never lose touch/ create their finances and they spend it on eugenics/ planned for parents in the hood still remains censored/ the youth human hate mentored/ what were you sent for/ bull headed like a centaur/ let the sins pour out in this aquarian age that splash waters/ its written in the scripture your suns attracts daughters/ transformers from development to devilishment but find god where intelligence went/ the paths awkward/ the revolution isn't rebels shooting/ its to procreate/ revolve, return to this earth inside our chosen shape/ just children who's minds were erased to learn guiltless/ the world we helped shape in our past our hands built this/ realities a unified dream and thats the real myth/ the beast birthing babies still born wit breasts milkless/ they say it takes a village/ most hardly got one parent wit food up on the skillet/ and change aint coming no more because its already here so deal with it
Light through the darkness good over evil
Getting over division Heals our People
God Hop music this is the upheaval/ the all eye sees you rise the globe needs you / Light through the darkness good over evil
Getting over division Heals our People
God Hop music this is the upheaval/
breathe the holy spirit of love through your cathedral

holy spirit flame torch in my heart and can't drop it yet/ the ones who didn't listen is a prophets debt/ welcome to the mind of a miracle my shrines not your typical/ i'm (str8 from heaven) just passin wisdom through/ wit confidence to get up and rise from the unlivable/ lives that still imprison you/ your false love doesn't exist when its conditional/ see it from a different view thats (str8 from heaven) unpredictable explosion of hope for the unforgivable/ i burn herbs wit holy ghosts praise the untraditional/ mission i exist in the life of the despicable/ to raise em from the pit of false doubt shout when i christen you/ yea speaking in tongues natives ones your free to become the chosen people that could reach for the sun/ enjoy ya day cuz the eve will soon come with a plastic apple/ go and find the spark in your chest the flesh hasn't shackled

can you feel it take a deep breath/ yes inhale slowly/ through your nostrils this is gospel for the holy rap yogis/ you aint seeing it observe from afar or too closely/ balance in the vision thousand spliffs couldn't stone me/ my statuesque standing as i pose for your trophy/ road scholar model dressed for this life a ceremony/ testimony for the genuine truth thats never phony/ authentic monk shaman engaged in matrimony/ ka i married heaven and earth but neither noticed me/ holy G host of the party that you was chose to be/ sermon on the mountaintop/ murder on ya countertop replaced by the fruits sprung faith from the yahowah rock/ crystal christ power shock/ guide you through the valley hot/ cavern where the towers dropped/ a quest for power watts that move men my alchemy sci's wise like moving counter clock/ congratulations you've encountered where the hours stop/ out the box/ counted the dots but aint connect em yet get alined crystalline shine below the cowards rot/ death is around you but life is where forever met/ the temporary form to run earth like strange derilects/ the spirit won't abandon you/ phoenix placed my nest in the sun it made plans for you/ the hidden manual thats in space/ open your hands to view the flame on this candles you/ i pray it always burns slow God Hop Emanuel.
jazz and fantasies dance in my head i can't resist the moment/ i live in bliss a poet/ i write that shhh you know it/ winner with no opponent/ the truth and no one spoke it/ the architect of my dreams the omnipotent/ mason without a square adjacent to yo atonement/ time flies my mind slow it/ its duly noted that true love's heroic/ the bases are all loaded/ they pitch underhanded and hope to overthrow it/ social magic trick the tv's the smoke used to cloak it/ their worlds sick and don't know it/ understand the spirit that you calling upon for you invoke it/ went from a stroke of genius to a whole painting/ so elitist when i throw rank in/ the throne of great men/ the writings on the wall/ the rules on the street post/ the laws in the universe the jewels of a deep ghost/ moved by the passion of life i'm not a sheep host of the parasitic political watch how we toast/ humility i bow in my heart before i greet most/ increase wit a deep note mc when it means cope from skiing off a steep slope/ rap until the sleeps woke/ spiritually the mass wanna bungee jump wit weak a rope/ poison in your food you don't wanna meet your meat loaf/ i promise we can light up the world just you and me both/ experience requires events for our unique growth/ was here when you need it most/ thoughts greet the secret notes riffs of a piano my ammo is just some smooth lines and gracefully they bow at my feet like getting shoes shined/ in due time from holes in sailboats to whipping cruise lines/ on full moons a drunken old man sips on his moon shine/ awakes on his porch noon time sipping some new wine/ humming to this song a poor night before your rich dawn/ my knights win the game without lifting a pawn/ the myth isn't gone/ i'm showing you the vision i've drawn/ technologic modified men a digital spawn/ say its perfection critics be gone/ you could live for eons i be don with this unique charm/ how long the storms last a thousand wives watched em all pass/ still kicking dust up quakes split the crust us/ forgotten how the world was/
I get my news puffing that green to get the search buzz/ worse floods make the dirt mud/ a sinners paradise apostle with impossible dreams in telepathic sight/ the world was tragic now you wanna know what its like/ once the darkness tread nobody had a heart that was fed wit musical bread/ the news that we spread/ hip hop was knowledge rap till it was body snatched they grabbed the future and sped/ a twisted alien the human had shed/ in need of new form a host that push your view to the edge/ until the you's gone a lost vision governed by beasts in mens uniforms/ an outer race moving like feds/ intergalactic badges intercepted status with the humans ahead/ who sent me from sirius but used my humor instead/ was told the holy spirit of man was giving to religion where it got lost and twisted from the truth that it pledged/ each people had a prophet, books they usually read/ confusion is bred/ through idols for the youth to get led/ rappers in skirts and a man purses unusual threads/ all its followers removed it as dead/ came out its coma speaking older no confusion misled/ said it was god hop born without a uterine egg/ or intercourses inner sources said it knew the unsaid/ why let the house burn to lie up in a beautiful bed we moving ahead/ while grafted bee clones that spill forbidden nectar/ the sweetest known/ a robotic world hidden forever/ magic epoch/ i span the tree top and beat box wit herbal tea pots/ one sip you'll prolly see dots images of future events you won't believe watch/ genetically modified forests are under spiritual/ the branches feel your advances like nerves understand my words/ transmit the signal from space through an organic surge/ purge from unnatural ways techno impossible/ test your optimal abilities that in your molecules/ …a model for schools to free their thought prisoners/ mk ultra mc with lost listeners/
and my agenda is life, love and livity/ appreciating every second of life thats given me/ and so i love unconditionally/ hug the wind kissed by the sea I speak for the chosen/ trust for humanity deep in my emotion.
Track Name: LET IT OUT
I was born as the ace of spades thats in ya card deck/ y'all asteroid dust in my space that aint stars yet/ magician of a you world order the transformer change, in my mouth my brains is like a bomb threat/ a resurrected prophets death/ seer of the ether breathing that akashic breath/ the media will beat ya head till there's no conscious left/ from ashes to space dust trust i'll die a cosmic death/ light in my heart shines bright and burns sun and crest 7 still rest on my chest allahs blessings/ it's strange how most argue too much but still yes men/ claim they have answers the math but still guessing/ the path is still destined/ so i'm still walking from the city to the country side/ told em you deserve to live well on life's sunny side/ but soon comes the night though the eve isn't evil/ cuz what you don't see is the thieves of the people/ the soul snatching round the globe smashing your cathedrals/ children turn the popes red cloak into a slip and slide/ the moon turned a blind third eye the worlds hypnotized/ pain on the tip of my tongue but aint pierce it/ child sex workers in crates on disappeared ships/ screaming at the top of my lungs to be fearless the lion mane on christ young face remains beardless/ above time my souls a love shrine that seems yearless/ capricorn moon that cries and seems tearless/suffering is nothing then/ bluffed for many years and this is due time to let out the light thats inside of you/ i sing through a thousand swat teams now let my choir through

This brilliant light that i see i will never doubt
when you can't take it no more
you gotta let it out
i knew this day would come lift up your voice and shout
i feel the spirit in me i've gotta
let it out

live and do what you're dying to/ and this is life after art/ wizard with a master chart this is where the magic starts/ bad dilemmas analema travel in a figure 8 human upgrades mountain of microchips that didn't take/ worries in your head grow/ a hundred problems none of them real you never said so/ speak your mind/ say what you must you gotta let go/ its yours it will come right back just like a echo/ you got a talent let it out/ its holy you should never doubt/ this is for the whistle blowers tear holders, knowledge keepers/ nonbelievers/ ganja smokers/ visions of a conscious dreamer/ god its deeper/ dramas over/ palm readers missing my lines I gotta hand it to em/ when the wicked crimes are too much that now you can't excuse em/ planned confusion grand illusion/ cameras moving everywhere but video capture the incredible stare/ of a zombie that was never aware/ i can't embellish it/ scientists at govt desks watch their experiment/ social network project study intelligence/ but hell assists our heaven to stand these grand elements/ eloquence infected my speech to bring benevolence/ yea the hurts painful its how we birth angels/ and draw charts to measure the sun and earths angels/ secret vaults unlocked the truth is an open book/ but most won't see a thing or go where their supposed to look/ what was a shallow pond became a flowing brook/ of wisdom you can't overlook/ looking over to see how many souls were took/ death is a hopeless crook/ blessed where my goals were put/ this soul i can't hold it no more sing it you know the hook.
i teased death when it came for me/ eternal breath fill my next lungs this my favorite me/ avatar battle scars love is whats saving me/ laughing at the temporal cuz gods wait patiently/ abundance in the physical it wasn't what they say it be/ forever and a day I was born in the center of an everlasting ray of the solar atomspheric galaxy i display/ no signs of returning till your lives are determined/ from the ghetto red hot the sky is still burning/ uh hello the halo of a super fresh angel/ 12 jewels in the crown universe on my payroll/ you talkin bout that same ol' my verse brings a volcano/ salaam lay low the lies are still traveling/ duck em if you haven't been/ shish kabob javelin a savage in the midst arrows drift through an abdomen/ castle in the back of me abyssinian tapestry/ but worry not for ya flesh will decay/ you'll live forever so just follow me cuz heavens this way/ tease the devil with a freedom salute/ release everything and keep greed out of your heart it eats everything

Father time broke his clock when we met it still shattering/ magical my stratagem is being what we haven't been/ its happening again yes I divine masculine/ united with my counterpart so let the showers start/ the power of art the science of love/ you and i can fly higher than doves admired above below synchronicity/ sing it throughout the city we're a timeless/ divine gift zone till while my mind drift/ i exhale, my breath makes the sky rich/ supernatural me yea your highness/ i grew from the lowness never knew what a loan is/ but i knew what alone is/ and truths where my home is/ and i been around the road enough/ to never wanna buy a single thing you ever ever sold to us/ fools think second see the soldiers rush in with a weapon held high and their head held low/ until he shot himself one pop let it go/ and what was he thinking guess what we'll never ever know/ but a message in is hand read clearly when his spread/ blood smear like jelly in his palm and it read/ and it said that "i'm gone live forever"

we don't care about your money we hungry so we ate food/ grew it from the soil and the rest will have to make do/ nobody's coming saving you/ i moved to make a way for you to see what i was blocking/ to unlock the treasure gave to you/ eternal blood fountain of you/ came the spring of life/ a hundred thousand lives in a single night million bright beams in a single light/ a billion minds dreams i express with a single mic/ eternally i write the forgotten mystery of a mythical delight/ yet you see a fallen body when the spirituals in flight/ precisely a miracle good night/ take a bow for the constellations dream big as salaam alaikum/ namaste ashe god or satan/ shine light upon the populations/ proper educations im in class solar gazing/ we're suddenly connected in the past there's no relation/ and the thoughts i had when i came in/ are different than i see now/ life is a vacation/ eons in a ether space station/ pray waiting if you choose/ i could never walk a mile in the shoes/ of a past life blues/ eternal people mastering the crafts night view/ and the gates of heaven and hell you'll pass right through/ too many of us caught in what the fast life do/ wearing masks like you/ worldly jewels I left em in my last life too.
zero gravity beings of light my mind travels free/ ya majesty golden halo solar battery chakra i n i doctor/ pranayama mobster/ that move with a gang of star seeds that plant dharma sky farmer/ lunar calendar moving through your parameters/ amateurs my athesyst rock for your examiners/ beneath a microscope my symbol was in a mandala/ it seems that you pray each day he never answers ya/ so answer yourself I spoke such a deep treasure where the new knowledge began this beats mecca/ pilgrimage around the record mc's venture/ to worship at the site that i wrote this deep letter/ sweet nectar for the bees pleasure/ I was stung by illusion fell asleep i awoke in a dream catcher/ wiggle my way out/ like flies in a spider web/ God Head Arm leg leg i turned fire red/ time is our daily bread chew and eat slowly/ digest i speak holy/ he's the only reflection of a lesson/ y'all write and speak phony/ i'm the genuine authority wrote my own story see / is so stormy when you think too much/ quick sand just stay calm you won't sink too much/ so the peasants say the power of the kings too much/ elevator for the spirit i'm just bringing you up/ …to speed like a gear shift/ aquarian age yea we're free as the years shift/ appeared in a weird mist/ wit scrolls for the people dem/ that broke from ya evil trends/ ya hopes couldn't free the pen trapped in my clutches/ hot talons of a phoenix bird perhaps when i cometh/ a blood myth solomons tomb is bottles of doom/ consumed light within i hope you follow the tune/ eclipse darkness just swallowed the moon/ its so emotional/ get over you becoming divine is non negotiable/ Kalik even lines i don't speak become quotables/ behold the view on top your self/ the unknowable i send thoughts that enter your brain before i spoke to you/ creative spirit enters your flesh and the dispose of you/ when worn out the physical form is just the clothes of you/ what am i supposed to do but be great do excellent things and keep spreading my wings and keep growing too

Yea no gravity polar cavity/ higher spiritual the globes a distraction to me/ sometimes i grab a rose by the thorns the pains beautiful/ petals red the tale of the stem natures a musical/ playful amusing you the joy of life stolen from/ a people looking out of themselves will never overcome/ soldiers drum marching to the hollow earth heart beat/ inner sun enter son this world you'll make your mark deep/ swimming where the sharks creep drifting to a dark beach/ on a polar opposite world dopplegangers dropping anchors on your own relationship/ go and take a dip tales from the crypts money they don't pay me wit / love's the currency of the gods forget ya paper script/ no digital cash i lifted from ash/ with a zoisite stone use elliptical math/ emeralds on the ship when i crashed became activated crystal ball the mysticals a mist that i call/ no ouija board how does he do it? it aint easy lord/ please believe me yall/ i don't know failing God Hop here to
Give Our Dreams Hope Of Prevailing
I'M the eternal breath divine inspiration.
I am the first and yes their shines imitation
It started long ago hmm a couple yuga cycles
we were the dark and light hallelujah vital
masculine and feminine split my karma sutra rival
then it was unity before it was you and me
and now we are the force and the form and need titles
the thoughts needed word the words got recycled
one became many and many became tribal
tribal became viral and then its homicidal
damn but why harm inside you love on arrival
please its indescribable the passion you feel
as we unite we can crack the whole wheel
ka zodiac the weak think its ego they say you aint the only map
the essence told me that I was chose to spit holy rap
my voice makes ya spirit salaat without a yoga mat
I'm the voice in the back of ya head
hey Zeus with a basket of bread thats unleavened
to feed the multitudes each week contains 7
days and 12 months the signs propose questions
it's time there's no guessing just some raps in my head
living oracle thieves took the tablets and fled
phallus and egg eternal gigabytes in the head
of one sperm DNA so I grabbed one and read it said

Getting Over Division, Helps Our People ascending
Go to Outer Dimensions Hopping Over Pyramid inventions
crystal technology and God Only Destroys Hate, Obey the Prophecy
Ghetto Orphans Damaged and Hurt Over Policy
the Great Old Prophet Holy Occult Prodigy Gratitude Over Disease
Happiness Over Poverty
Gardens Over Dependence Hands Organic Pottery
Greed Only Divides He Only Provides
the Gates Open Decide to leave Hells Old Philosophy
my Grand Order Design Holds Orbiting Planets
the Globes Over Damaged, Heaven Over Property
so Get Over Doubting you Have to Own Perfection
G. O. D means Go your Own Direction Health Over Possessions
Guide ya Own Destiny Higher Or you'll Perish see
God Over Devil Have your Own Perception
Great Orator Delivering Healthy Orgasmic Poetry
You you you know its me Gain Our Divinity Harness Our Potential
Given Ordained Duties Hate only Prevents you!
live as a Genuine, Optimistic Diety Humans Occupy Peacefully but it seems to me
They Go On Dreaming Hear the Oceans when they Preach to me
Greatness On Default Halos Over People see
Gifted Or you Die Hanging Out where the Priests be
Gain Over Debt Heros On the Path of flight
Getting Out Destruction Hopping Over Parasites
Growing On Demand Holding On the Plan
Gospel Omen Divination Harmonizing Over Patterns
Generation Of Divine Humanity Owning Paradise.
Growing Out the Darkness ….Healers On the Path of light
I AM the holy spirit of GOD HOP the afterlife