by Ka Zodiak

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rain is tears of the planet
racist fears of the klan it
don't disappear or just vanish
when the badge is on
gun salute the young they shoot
chilling on their mothers stoop
they cover truth then back to work to
bust another CAPricorn
curse the days these bastards born
this is higher alchemy
this is lyric magic porn
Chaldean priest majesty
my feet defeated gravity
levitation spell equation
alcohol academy the
sound of wars and agony
I cast a spell collapsing hell
you doubting your reality
vapor life escape at night
clouds in your anatomy
frozen tears close ya ears
sirens of the overseers
violence is their sole career
the children ain't supposed to hear
the villains hid the Zodiac
and covered up the Chronosphere
so with each step I hear the
grinding of the broken gears
screeching in the atmosphere
by fools that can't control or
steer to navigate the map of fate
praying but they don't appear
every action has its weight
but hate has made it so unclear
spirits in the stars reconsidering
to travel here whisper
in abortion clinics fears
that make you doubt ya ears
doctors harvest organs
bags of fetuses the last frontier
it is that severe seeing
through the glass veneer
smokey mirror hold the trigger
spilling out the holy river
got us paranoid when it's hot
we ain't supposed to shiver
frozen picture caption it
a shorty holding packages
but still ain't tall enough to
reach the cookies on the cabinet
but living ghetto fabulous
who put us in this labyrinth
maze runner matrix mother
feel the spirits pushing me
resurrect what never left they're
throwing ancient books at me
gnosis in the scribes
some say hope isn't alive
l know they cried when I arrived
they turned they eyes and
couldn't look at me
OG ancestor older gods
inside pulling me that told me
raise my vibe above the frequency
the bullets see
so Im ghosting like Will
Smith in After Earth you
worried bout the afterlife
ain't mastering what's after birth
spite will slay ya life away
if you ain't getting past your hurt
the cares of many worlds
on his back but doesn't have a shirt
how that work? look at me
they claiming that i couldn't be
Morrocan missionary
God hopping a dignitary
unlocking the dictionary
to decode the spell
the lightning bolt of liberty
that broke the bell fez design
the mouth and tongue
portal bring the breathe alive
eternal people deaths a lie
pay ya karmic debts and fly
Islam is world masonry
measuring the window pane
have you felt the widows pain
breath of the soul behind it
fogging up our pole alignment
most don't know their souls assignment
bodies on a goal consignment
there's no refinement cuz
the way we're trying to lives insane
so I'm passing on the jewelry
that they gave to me preserve it
cause the world to shift
give them to your babies please
mystic shrine janitors
hidden all the ancient keys
elevate ya standards
and you won the race
no love to waste trying
to kill the heirs before we
come for all our funds estates
bloods what really funds the state
the evil couldn't Touch the gate
a man screaming you
ain't gotta shoot me
my newsfeed is like
a horror movie
gentrify ya GEMINI
Harlem beauty
harsh its cruelty
Blackfoots matter
Cheyenne mind plan
Iroquois confederate
last of the Mohicans
but my spirits joy is evident
these years were more irrelevant
our tears destroy your settlements
flood of sorrow never hate
today what you could
love tomorrow young Apollo
prophet bit a melanated
chocolate chip
Egypts ahoy evidence
I seen the cookie crumble
on your rich and poor experiment
the motherships the mothers hips
in her is our inheritance
they pollute our sacred root
to murder our intelligence
poison father sky and
Mother Earth it wasn't negligence
the griot made the trees grow
the gringo made the green go
every negro needs to grow
following a tv show
swallowing their ego slow
self esteem assassins dream
imagine you the CEO
corporation war persuasion
honors to the phony
bet my heart is too strong
the arms of hate could never hold me
cops are the devils cronies
take the life of an innocent child
what they get? checks and trophies
special ribbon ceremonies
pizza in the office wit the
extra anchovies
constantinian hedgemony
older than the sun and moon
eternal my true age
bulletproof hoodie on
my back like I'm Luke cage
were living in the new crusades
blood is on the mason apron
trumpets in the stadium
trumps an illuminati card
original Arabians
Mu salaam I play to win
and pray within between
the two pillars in my cranium
better days are coming
this I know it
cuz I'm making them
some won't reach the
mountain top yet it
wasn't made for them
they locked in stone
robotic clones
operating bombs on drones
like cowards puppets found
beneath the secret subterranean
number one beloved sun
make America great again
back in the hands of True and living
ones the fakes condemn
I stand awoke again still
balanced in my yoga zen
years to think the tears are ink
my hand it can't control this pen
ALLAH is writing conscious lightning
through the hands of broken men
that tell the truth and don't pretend
consistently it's hard to hyphen
spitting out the golden phlegm
clear my throat
each tears a note
bringing back the soul again
drifting in the solar wind

wipe your tears cuz light is here
emotion clouds strategy
clear your eyes no fear to rise
overcome the tragedies
tears of the all seeing eye
that's staring back at me
through the looking glass
I'm aware we're all family

wipe your tears cuz light is here
emotion clouds strategy
clear your eyes no fear to rise
overcome the tragedies
tears of the all seeing eye
that's staring back and
when I look at you
I look at me your eyes
contain the galaxy


released January 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Ka Zodiak Teaneck, New Jersey

Kalik Scientific is an artist ahead of his time. Witnessing the demise of the once revolutionary genre of Hip Hop by the covert plans of the clandestine elite he joined forces with other Divine spirited artists to build the God Hop confederation practicing what he terms cosmic rap. He is the mc of tomorrow, the product of our past, the vision of the future and the soundtrack of forever. ... more

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