EASE THE PAIN holistic heights remix

by Ka Zodiak

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we just wanna get it right
we wanna ease the pain
so we can live our life
healthy is a lifestyle
you don't need to wait for change
you can make it right now

we just wanna get it right
we wanna ease the pain
i know you see the light
healthy is lifestyle
you don't need to wait for change
you can make it right now
healthy when i grip mic
welcome to holistic heights

my heights are holistic
how can you be spiritual if you don't take a minute to
get right in the physical gotta know the difference alkalize the acid
your system is unique the design is specific
i was told, if the fruit is ripe then you should pick it
focus on your health before ya life's a statistic
if black lives matter then why you eating fast food
body don't feel right now you in a bad mood
a street boss sipping sea moss
a thousand doctors in each sip
the powers of cacao from Grenada
healthy is a lifestyle
you aint gotta die to go
heaven could be right now
tea leaves from soursop
open up the cancer cells
healing all around the clock
sage smudge & sugar scrub face masks from mineral mud
from the dead sea i hope the dead can see this gift,
love is the best therapy
i'm offering the keys to bliss

y'all know the logo eternally we so old
call illuminadra till you're so gold your soul glows
they say i'm so original that I was made with no mold
no fungus that's among us
brighten up your aura discovered your hidden colors
run towards your higher self with the bliss of forbidden lovers
the ignorant didn't budge us
only wellness could help us develop our higher qualities
relive stress refresh reflexology your feet connect
to all of yo bodily cosmology
bio-individuality we have unique needs
your health coach to help growth
get you to where you need to be
easily balanced evenly
keep, raising your vibe to you reach for the higher frequencies
teaching this science seek to apply it, find you a deity
living this life peacefully
but don't just ease the pain
fix where it's coming from
won't get no other chance in this life
this is the only one

healing for the whole world
be for the change
meth brought it never left
bring the ease to the pain
peace when i came
with relief from the strain
you keep getting burnt still
reach for the flame
change up ya routines
on a new path
your heart is the mecca
wanna get healed
call carbon electra
melanin queen darker the texture
called the ancestors
life it gets better
time to fix errors
naturally i'm too high to measure
…and my wings are too fly for feathers
ka zodiak i think like a cinema
talk too much shhh you need enemas
virgo they say the details too miniature
everything thing matters
so its holistics the soul of a mystics
consultation know the specific
dietary laws science of the moors
sick like your bodies been fighting in a war
and you don't really wanna be ill no more
but the cycle will endures if you don't
get discipline then you can live again
you in the past i'm a new day citizens
my state of affairs is awake and aware
you ate the wrong foods everyday for years
they be sitting at your wake like they care
health is my flag i'ma wave in the air
everywhere that i go they be staring at my glow
they say i look good but i'm better than you know
thinking they nice but i'm better wit the flow
they knock theirself out more healthy than my foes
health aint right if it really isn't whole
and you know how it goes you can feel it in ya soul


released August 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Ka Zodiak Teaneck, New Jersey

Kalik Scientific is an artist ahead of his time. Witnessing the demise of the once revolutionary genre of Hip Hop by the covert plans of the clandestine elite he joined forces with other Divine spirited artists to build the God Hop confederation practicing what he terms cosmic rap. He is the mc of tomorrow, the product of our past, the vision of the future and the soundtrack of forever. ... more

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