KA ZODIAK - the original cozmobiography soundtrack

by Ka Zodiak

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This is the soundtrack to the upcoming God Hopumentary Ka Zodiak - the mysterious natal promise of Kalik Scientific


released July 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Ka Zodiak Teaneck, New Jersey

Kalik Scientific is an artist ahead of his time. Witnessing the demise of the once revolutionary genre of Hip Hop by the covert plans of the clandestine elite he joined forces with other Divine spirited artists to build the God Hop confederation practicing what he terms cosmic rap. He is the mc of tomorrow, the product of our past, the vision of the future and the soundtrack of forever. ... more

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Track Name: KA ZODIAK
you think cuz you a star that you greater than my creation/ …ka-zodiak i'm made from constellations/ my brain is a bomb waiting/ I flame an abomination no change in obamas nation/ just, so more dollars placed in the pockets of satan/ while i walk amongst the blind explaining chakras to the cavemen/ unlock em from the grave sending doctors to the shamans/ while scientists ashamed they getting knowledge from the pagans/ ….i'm in havana with militant philosophical diligent builders aiming for spots in Allah's nation/ ..i mean the all in all the cream of god hop that rise to the occasion/ surprised that we invading your times finished diminished i'm live from the awakening/ cameras on tilt as i flex my success i'm fly look what i built/ smooth just like silk in the groove you might wilt if your lotus aint focus its sewn just like a quilt from the needle on the record to the laser my behavior resembles the high savior/ see my 2 fingers up yelling peace to the gods waving bye to the haters/ standing on a black dot in the center of my square in the middle of the circle i designed the creator/ Kalik the Khalifa when i speak through the speaker/ thoughts of a magician thats lost in mysticism/that reach the nonbeliever i shine in your theatre/

k. a. z. o d. I. a. K
ascendant to mc
for the record
each song is a part that makes me
signs of the times
the future i foresee

k. a. z. o d. I. a. K
ascendant to mc
for the record
each song is a part that makes me
wheel of the spirit
the stars and deities

who's better than this intelligent-ness/ clouds like i passed heaven a spliff/ killer cops shame ya treacherousness/ you serve the devil your protecting the myth/ professional hit man that spit excellence/ i'll connect you to bliss/ grab this pebble from my hand and i'll let you exist/ but if you don't well/ i spit a ghost spell get off my coat tails my culture's I-God i live it so well/ the life of a G as high as can be/ a soul model what your role model aspires to be/
true boss life in order to lead you need foresight/ Became rich from PRT we ain't poor right/ Era of the rich righteous that fix the crisis of the terror of the mid lifeless/ a myth virus infecting the whole planet effected the globes manic/ depressant my soul answers the questions i'm like osiris flying in a golden plated sky disk wit no pilot/ ….kingdom of heaven you could walk through my gate/ but speak certainty…silence is a virtuous trait/ I was more amazing i aint have to learn to be great/ when every childs born they aint have to learn to create/ cuz when it feels rejected thats when love turns into hate/ ka leaked through a hole within space/ welcome to my dimension/ when you think of the god well i'm the guy you mention
Track Name: SO GRATEFUL feat Chloe Akua

They don't make you
who's cares if they hate you
keep showing love
they prolly mad cuz they aint you
they only play themselves if they try to play you
just keep on winning and laugh

An angel
who's cares what they say to you
seek for the truth from the grave to the cradle
gotta get it right for my life i'm so grateful
i'm a keep on grinning and laugh

verse 1
I laugh at em funny attitudes/ mad or rude/.…. i can't afford enough fucks to give one back to you/ that would be so unnatural/ had em i spoke the magical/ words that change the tragic absurd before the shadows grew/ ..my spells are something mystic could tell i'm something gifted/ …wonderful and terrific/ i got love for the critics/ cuz they should make you master/ what used to make you madder/ why should a hater matter/ when you aint made of glass their words won't make you shatter/ just walk away and laugh/ then say abracadabra bitches make em disappear/ listen here …i aint afraid of that so keep your distant fear/ you gotta persevere/ inside your body you are the only person here/ so know your purpose clear/ don't let em throw you off like pitchers with a bad arm/ tell me then how could the foolish opinions of the mass harm/ your rare like a black swan/the sacred becomes tainted went from islam to asslam/ but everything changes can't satisfy everyone so every king is hated and loved/ both so weigh it/ above dope i'm rated/ the flow that most awaited/ you treat others the way you do self its all related/ but no one has the power to sink what you elevated/ thats how hell is created/ ego's are segregated separated from the one intellect/ this spell is sacred go ahead and just celebrate it

Verse 2
Who cares what they say ain't real
We Dont believe you
We need something we can feel
What they do couldn't ever touch my soul
I claim the world..its mines its mine
I be in soul control
When I shine you can shine
If you like the light
If not then just do you in the dark
That'll be just fine
And I'll still be
Willing and able
And as always...I'm so grateful
shine bright
keep the lies in the dark
you gotta see it for yourself
with the eyes in your heart

i'm on that mercury
mercury high from the start
i got wings on my mind
cuz its fly to be smart

i said ….i said it's fly to be smart
when they on that dumbshhh
say its fly to be smart

if i think then am if i don't then i'm not/ everything has its time but you don't see the clock/
so…. you can't connect em if you don't see the dots/ and you can't follow the signs you ain't watch/
my lights so illuminous i write on a cumulus/ ….they still ask is God Hop still in the uterus/ so tired of this stupidness they said we need a music shift/ right now in the present/ they told me you the gifts/ so i opened up blossomed like a lotus cup/ jeweled the wrist venus gemini i am so in touch/ felt before i held it heard it before the sounds made/ made a new path and walked it before the grounds paved/ i came to give freedom of thought to all you proud slaves/ the shrouds raised i blew the smoke screen like marijuana tokes/ if you feel the light in your soul the inner gods awoke/ i pray that this knowledge brings hope where its needed most/

knowledge rules everything around me/ listen close informations everything/ get ya notes when wisdoms spoke/… inherit jewels from the older folks/ and younger seeds love, peace and happiness is what you need the lust and greed is why they'll never touch my speed/ it slows you down stuck low to the ground/ flying high above what's holding you now/ uh sci incredible planets collide on schedule/ so my mars coming i'm ready to charge something/ but thats another level ancestors my bars summon/ and i don't mean the dead ones the ones that live inside of me they want some food for thought from us and i don't mean them bread crumbs/ mental landscaper wit jewels to trim your hedge funds/ unless you put the free in the front i'll never spread dumb/ mercury the twins thats the right and the left lung/ …its fly to be smart science and art makes the world turn till they head spun/ so know the ledge one
thinking for a moment bout the ones gone but not forgotten
loyalty's forever and no loves gone its not an option
pour some tears out but not cuz you sad
to water seeds of the future see their promise i'm glad

it seems until it's gone that we forgot what we have
so let the spirit flow through you
so you aint alive if what you hearing don't move you
the speaker to your heart
as i talk to your inner child
this wisdom is so useful
I cried tears of joy
cuz living is so beautiful
this song in my heart said life just a musical
but when the song stops say good night its your funeral
but then another starts so keep dancing keep grooving to
the rhythm of the cosmos
i realize the flesh is just a prison for allah's ghost
religiously they dodge growth
mourn death still but if life is a school
then when you pass you graduate
see the light in these jewels
each yr i lost a grandparent 4 in a row
That's square is my foundation
i aint want them to go
but i was blessed to even know em what they taught me i show
but the light is at the end why you walking too slow
cuz the tunnel is the physical the earth is a womb
that gives birth to the spiritual growth as i bloom
and blossom from the tomb i've awoken like boom
baptism now its back to the kitchen
as i be whipping up that gourmet food for the the soul that you consume
I cried for them all though and smiled wit my arms so wide
spread my wings and I fly and let em all go

Had a dream where i seen em/ they said we never leaving
said we'll be here forever my grand mother was teaching i listen
inside the garden she spitting that elder wisdom arveta aint hard to reach her
i see her in every flower a libra she taught me how to balance
my grandfathers both Aries taught me how to challenge/ and take nobody's BS
temper your temper life is a you adventure
the light is you in the center delight in the truth you enter
....van drove me to sing and showed me a king
with 3 stars 3 wise men to guide my journey here
sitting sipping his spirits in church until the words appeared
his fingers grooving moving played piano in the background
softly singing ella its raining theres no umbrella in life
they wasn't open they loving the way i rap now
freeze frame the water drops slowly on piano keys
the wind blowing over me loving my whole family
and Gran showed me how to live grand and love openly
Audrey I see yo glory, Leo the light
she instilled the confidence that helped me breathe on the mic
Organizer for the change for the people she'd fight
my safe haven when i needed to heal
front row, only audience applauding that I needed for real
encore i'm so deeply fulfilled i watched the curtain close
and that's when pop came juxtaposed to this verse i flow
humble sanitation swept the stage in my 6th house
It's crazy there's no escaping this energy that we live out
…Rudy he showed me duty, hard work and dedication
He dropped some lessons as he cleaned up the celebration
what goes around is what comes around/
plant the seed of love wherever it can't found
there is no greater treasure cuz love was here before
abundance is forever so we can spend it all

extra extra they say there's a crisis coming
i say its here already don't give your life for nothing
they say it gets no better to save a dime these days
I say your rich already just give your love away
if we all care then we all share
and we all have cuz its all there
yea no one should go hungry
who needs a dollar when love is the new money

i hereby declare that love is the new currency/
its much greater above what you use currently/
you don't need a bank account just some many thanks to count
many blessings writing love checks in a blank amount
all you need is gratitude jewelry is your attitude
you don't need expensive things to show that your rich
cuz your worth more than anything in life that exists
so you make it more valuable i break the door gradual
that's trapping how you think behind walls that couldn't capture you
you lack because your hypnotized facts its more magical
the devil took your world but I'm God I'll give it back to you
but first thing is man don't provide the earths natural
gift is to sustain what exists in plants thats for you
Nurtured by the rain drops powered by the solar rays
the suns light is physical love it helps you grow i pray
you understand the moon light that controls the water in the womb right
sight beyond sight beyond the tomb write
this message to the world now encoded in your Dna
Divine father mother we the children of this future day
rejoice when my voice comes where i get my joy from
there's many lights that shine in my sky you can't destroy one
we can't stop sharing this air we all breathe in
so exhale your value is mine we all even
so what does god owe himself
cuz namaste is homage i pay to those who know yourself
love is now the only wealth
your more than a human in flesh come on show yourself
families with no homes to live houses with no people
food that just rots while some just won't eat who
denies these policies should die it's just evil
so do what's intelligent first not what's legal
cuz you become dumber when you let the dumb lead you
you've let jim carey you too long we need you
to think like the free do the choir i still preach to
they sing with more passion inspired let love feed you
i know they say the world is so overpopulated
there's not enough for the banquet upon this great ship
but food can multiply like we do so go create it
and thats why that fat lie is over propagated
well They say the aliens have come to take our jobs away
the foreigners whoever won't share whatever god has gave

no money down no contract/ aint no debt if you aint know yet/
how's it gone rise if it aint gone set/ why you aint rocking that halo yet/
i don't mean a video, game wit a vision so large you can get it no charge
we can either go hard or be easy disease free/ do it for the love/
doing it because you see yourself in everyone else/ and if everyone helps
then we all get dealt/ a hand we can win wit/ you aint gotta lose we can be neighbors
you ain't gotta move/ we aint gotta fight now you aint gotta feud/
you aint gotta ask you an't gotta say/ you aint gotta snatch what i'm giving anyway/
just show love where it's missing every day/ dispel the darkness go tell the heartless/
they the most broke even if they got cash/ they can get a heart attack if the blood don't pass/ cuz they aint got enough love in the stash/ show love when i pass i got love for the mass
we the planets within this one universe
there's many colors in this spectrum of light
many notes in this music all connected so tight
many organs in the body many countries on this earth we claim
but all we go through birth and change and end up in the dirt the same
so let me first explain the workings of the first exchange
inhale exhale drifting thats the breathe of life
if you got it then you rich everything else is extra right
for life
i take you as my wife
but we can't do a thing
till you remove there devils wedding ring

May you and i combine as one our loves everything
i'm high cuz together we fly without any wings
say you love the God but your words don't mean anything
when you're wearing the devils wedding ring.

Though our love never dies these aint petty things
gotta heal the pain we tired and can't bury things
till you divorce his hand you'll lose every king
still wearing the devils wedding ring

i want you i need you like you're the other half of me
without you there's no need to be strong your love balance me
and i'm just trying to live and do the best that i can
without no money had you thinking i was less of a man
but when we met where this quest had began
from the cosmos to forming our own flesh from the sand
cuz only god knows you screaming so the message gets jammed
and i don't hear it cuz emotion never leads you like intelligence can
but you pretended you believed it when i said that i can
cuz he's the ruler that you used before you measured my plan
space dust blow a breath from my hand
and fill ya lungs with it
supposed to be my heaven on earth
not just my punishment
you ain't deposit none in so long that's why the love is spent
yet God gave a place in this world without no rent to pay
in eden we was eating for free how it was meant to stay
forgotten paradise in my dreams how long it's been this way
nature provided us paper divided us
now we so out of tune we forgot space was aligned with us
and i came out your womb so who am i to trust
Gave me to the doctors, ministers and nurses even the cremators
but i'll never let the beast take us
why you trusting him.. I get it you just trying to survive
play the game you just trying to get by
but this is warfare we captives in a prison right now
what if we all cared/ you knocking on the overseers door
but if all shared/ then yo seeds are our seeds
we all we help out/ cuz thats a village
they won't pillage if we all held out
uh said you the first teacher aries in the 10th house of cancer
so that means all mothers are world leaders
and why not all foods from the soil the dirt feeds us
and food is information so fast food contains lies that trick the body
trips to the lobby when you the true nurse
but you don't know the medicines now so what your views worth
on instagram ass in my face holding an infants hands
i know i know i know that was a cheap shot i had to take it i'm bartending
here's a drink thots get aggravated/ but my thoughts are so clear
like i just graduated/
long as you know that was a strong lock i had to break it
and if our youth are the jewels that means that you the safe
sometimes i wonder who is winning in this human race
but if they aint with you who tends the seeds i planted wait
you say the school system I say the junior prison
you say i'm just a nigga i say i'm tru-n-livin
you aint sleep with the judge so why you make him God
when i'm the ruler when you take my rod
i turn your womb into an ancient lodge
a mystery school for our children
you're the keeper of our histories jewels
your mammary's flow the memories that keep us abreast
that's up to date cuz you inform us through your physical chest
that holds treasures like a biblical text
so whats the formula what problem is it solving
right now, or is it causing a, split in our euphoria
…i'm number one the man, you in the bedroom trying to menage wit uncle sam
He said she chose me like Goldy told pretty Tony
so i kicked it with the homies that showed me i aint the only
while bumping oldies wit Og's
to boldly share what they told me
mother is the matrix, so you could be the oracle
your sons could be the greatest your daughters they could be pure its true
what has he gave us… but fake trust, diseases and death but couldn't break us
Kalik no matter how much you yell they wouldn't wake up
deceiving in hells make up
though i'm the ghost of wisdom past and future satisfaction
he stole us, and sold us each other for just a fraction
i love you so i got some more steam to release
cuz i ain't free myself for you to give my seeds to the beast
took my land and my family an even my peace
hey that's just the game player but i aint playing cuz
saturn's the lord or rings and you married the undertaker
Ka-ziggurat pyramid builder true diplomat/ 7th house sun spitting flames on these mystic tracks/ knowledge so strong that my brains breaking bricks with facts/ huh i blow the dust of an ancient manuscript/ decalcify your pineal awake the candle stick/ true religion of the black man God is tru-n-livin/ you didn't know who you was cuz you studying who you isn't/ i get busy on the beat casting spells with words/ i live in heaven daily going back to hells absurd/ I ride the back of eagles/ i smite the wackest people/ my rhymes will smack the evil/ design the last cathedral/ i pray this math completes you/ the god i have to lead you/…… i'm the source of amazing encased in unbelievable so no one else could be you/ the first the original thought the all needs you/ or you simply wouldn't be here/ scientists should be clear/ nature is perfection change up up yo direction virgo sippin merlot blowing the herb slow/ hopped on the curb see you watching how my earths glow/ spinning in precession beautifully so let the world know/ i am the sun of man you see crowds around me/ could tell i'm god i'm always high i stay with clouds around me/ brainstorming open the lane for em/ their eyes stay wide shut as they gaze at my decorum/

I reign supreme
My light is on gleam
The unseen truth beneath the way it seems
When i roll up on the scene
I'm The flyest MC you ever seen

I keep a fresh spell on my tongue like i'm Merlin the magician/i stay wit the medicinal i'm burning my prescription/ don't worry bout the opinions of the pigeons young phoenix/ you don't need their permission the lyrically undefeated cozmophyzix mc'ing/ light up ya mausoleum/….. do you remember the days we had freedom/… is it possible in human form to truly live the gospel/ the impossible life of sci unicorn/ this aint where you belong/ that vibes for the living dead/ and these days it's just mad god bodies wit missing heads/ sleepy hollow, simple minds follow the steps of this phenomenal king i'm nanu nanu/ spaced out i battle rahu what a debacle/ ...they be acting all scared what if they lock you i'm not you i defecate fear and then i bop through/ i stay free making mc's look like fossils/ we keep it lit, well like a torch you can't drop true olympian/ you wimpy men laughing at you simpletons wit inner earth avatar god like blue indians/ yea the last poet on earth the facts show it/ north node leo i shine you crabs know it/ like a cancer rising 2016 see cameras flying/ drone footage of a mountain i stand as a grown lion/ claws sharp like acupuncture my thunder is so frightening/ i'm undefined i plant deep thoughts in big brothers mind without the frequencies in my light your worlds color blind
My life is abundant my days are eternal my thoughts become substance i rap its an inferno baptized in the fire my mind is so fertile the seeds that i planted last life they just birthed you/ in this world then we all in the same circle/ i breath and expanded ideas become words my words then grew branches/ the fruit contained thoughts my thoughts become things my hopes become planets my will is the artist imagination the canvas/ yea opened the doorothy fast and left kansas/ what kind of man is this teaching these ignoramuses /the god even answered the prayers of the praying mantises/ your networks are blind to my show but can't cancel this/ destroyed our families took the man from out the manuscript/ i'm on a holy mission forget the words of men just give your soul a listen/ i hear them cobras hissin/ like an islamic prophet carrying no description/passion with no restriction/ storm chasers follow me/ glancing in the eye of my storm and saw garvey please/ told they delegates he spoke so powerful his clever wit could cut so deep but so delicate/ that he could hit a nerve that will cripple a grown elephant/ mics my magic wand no songs I cast spells with it/ bushido with the speech so sharp like a propeller hit/ the dragons neck biting his tale/ until his head was split/ i put an end to the never-ending story gave birth to forever my life is an allegory/ kalik scientist my mind is a laboratory/ i don't check boxes beyond all your categories/ amnesia to the crowd for the speaker that rapped before me/ a legend before john so uncommon my road to glory/ was a path i created but that is another story/ from selma to salmonella infected with bacteria that got you crossing bridges you burned and back tearing up/ from tear gas my aura's a clear mask your fear of us/ is killing you inside but keep yo spears and your spirits up/

My life is abundant
My days are eternal (2x)

its my time yo years is up/ my shines illuminous/ curtains for you earthlings throw shade upon the uselessness/ indoctrinated zombies with slaves inside they uterus/ the truth keeps me fresh come gaze upon my youthfullness/ over gluttonous more focused upon her gluteus/ my voice attract truthfulness, the worlds glued to this/ miserable condition they bowed when i arrived and crowds gathered quickly for days to see the luminous/ been God so long i forgot what being human is/ my brain put a spin on the maze of the illusionists/ in his own cage i'm locking the zookeeper it's/ the magical rumors spread fast about the masterful/ sage from the unknown realms a supernatural/ cults formed to follow his ways called him a radical/ wit flows so deadly put lames on their sabbatical/ that follow in the ways of the swine i'm unadaptable/ mars jupiter my brain is highly flammable/ you can't extinguish the flame a distinguished gentlemen/ that rearrange the whole worlds stage wit just a rap or to/ the light plus the dark swear that they aint seen the half of you/ success is a mirage so you reaching for the ungraspable/ their logic said he couldn't exist they can't imagine who/ could spit that theatrical natural geographical/ that make the world vanish with ease then give it back to you
the people of the sun
the hero's tale begun
i'm the living book you're reading from
there's nowhere you can run
you can't escape the one
i'm the book you're reading from

they say don't look above the answers in a dead book/ ya righteous mind stolen by a theft crook/
knocked you out replaced ya memories when you woke up you had ya pockets out/ took your house and locked you out/ said you never had a thing/ said it's always winter where you from you never had a spring/ sick mythology… enslaved by technology/ gave you religion in place of cosmology/ couldn't see the sun to you christ is a dead body see/….. huh the bible is a graveyard filled with many minds who don't think much but pray hard/ in church you gotta pay the charge while Creflo's dollars stack/ million dollar homes and a jet pockets fat/ while ya soul is on empty counting quarters for the laundromat/ but i digress a little/ here's some food 4 thought digest it it's official/ my melanins a crystal/ forget about historical if's/ the water will shift/ distorted all religions allegorical myth/ for the universe in motion to sure to dismiss/ sheep talking bout nothing sleep walk off the cliff/ so self destructive they don't wanna exist/ and here's some fresh jewels you don't wanna resist

uncover the 12 apostles i'm christ the last supper/ the 1st they called peter they said he was the leader/ like aries the ram hot head he had the fever/ ..Simon the Taurus a zealot for shine eager/ and Gemini the preacher was James it gets deeper/… his brother andrew was a cancer some say/ here to comfort you i know you'll have the answers someday/ and John the most beloved of christ well that's Leo/ the reason why he wrote 5 books for gods people/…. He was his heart the sun this lines actual/ philips head was like a screwdriver most practical/ virgo, followed by barholomew nathaniel he represents the libra the scales thats here to balance you/but there's a doubting thomas in every crowd thats doubting you/ scorpio the skeptic/ come and walk through the ecleptic/ James the great teacher is Sag the most epic/ Mathew will tax you he the capricorn so rap along/ st jude aquarius people he takes care of us/ light upon the darkness to those who aint aware of us/ Judas iscariot shows if you an't carry it the cross if it weighs too much could soon bury us/ like pisces and sail the high seas for all my mind sees/ ..find them in history now is kinda hard to do/ cuz jesus is the sun within man their all a part of you/ the universe above is the same its just the larger you/ captured in your 1st full breath the 1st spark in you/ …..the creator is an artist and the art is you
Track Name: COZMO P.O.V
Yea its another cozmo hit
planets all vibrate to they own pitch
just wait till the gods know this
jewels in my mind and i'm cozmo rich
the universe it aint got no glitch

i am what i have
i speak what i feel
i create an organize
everything in the wheel
i balance what i share
I expand to achieve
I hope to have friends
who share what i believe

I fight for what i want
I write what i emote
I act in routine
I sign the right notes
but breached the contract
when i died
I gotta go
travel to the top
detach from the world
in another dream state
i was trapped in a whirl
wind i could do it in reverse all again

vision in my mind
given to the blind
the knowledge i define
the math that i refine
the path through the
valley of death and sunshine
balancing my time
to serve the right things
i love my family the
blood inside kings
my mother gave my brother
to me and everything we had
we fought over
we clashed to be seen

I see God wit a four finger ring
wit love on both sides
cuz hates the same thing
scratch it like a Dj
rapping on the replay
spin the universe back make it seem easy
each unique day
we rise and then lay
It's i the sensei
so bright that i display
a light that won't fade
my shine won't go away

Yea i be in that cozmo ish
planets all vibrate to they own pitch
just wait till the gods know this
jewels in my mind and i'm cozmo rich

you are what you consume
attend to those you care
and health becomes wealth
when the love's right there
Virgo in the 5th of the Taurus so prepare
For the heavy lesson capricorn 9th
most rare Aquarius in the 10th
i explode in the paint I aint sitting on the bench
the role of a saint cuz i know what you can't
who flows until you faint
capricorn moon show restraint when you aint

I lead to get food
to feed the mind jewels
I nurture the children
and work to fulfill em
married till death
8th house gemini till my last breath
I seek to fulfill
the goal to get free
through the music i express
the glow of a soul that won't aim to get less
my brain resists stress
kalk scientific the name that fits best
the great architect praise the intellect
no way to intercept the signal that i get
from the source of the force
divorced from the thought
the signs don't direct keeping man on course
my mind don't rest

we mapped the night sky and built the monoliths
whats new under the sun its the same ol myth
measuring the universe with a ruler 12 signs,
so the wise men rhymes the future in advance
25 thousand 9 hundred 20 year dance
…a hundred of those
we make a new advance
the spirit is enhanced when we clearly in a trance
genie in the brain the miracle in the lamp
ru rub it in a spiral they stuck it in the bible
a year for a day forget the heresy
you see the time stamp i'm here wit no delay
they waited for my arrival
they cheered and they prayed
ka-zodiak lord of the aquarian age
i'm the spring i give life to the flower
resurrect the world when i write i smoke sour
cuz i can hear your heart beat now/ it's getting louder
why you wanna be ignorant for/ knowledge is power

i'm the light at the height of the tower
my mind search the internet fast wit no browser
i can hear your hear beat now/ it's getting louder
why you wanna be ignorant for/ knowledge is power

just some lyrics for the smokers to think to have their minds blown/ a spirit in this music you drink i'm here to guide home/ the lost and found tossed on my crown and got busy/ the mission of the gods when i teach allah's wit me/ my speed is too terrific for most don't be silly/ planets tried to rotate around me but got dizzy/ Galactus see me throw satellites just like frisbees/ yea i'm like history the whole world be digging me/ the mystery unwrapped when i rapped it revealed the gift in me/ standing on my square like a saint from antiquity/ a legend too great to feel these ants kicking me/ myself and I we fly the sci trilogy/ wise lyrically wives faint from my delivery/…. oh lord i record in black Sicily/ Italy surround ya mafia like Zanzibar Tanzania my script i swear the plans bizarre/ Moorish American Fathered It ALL sure my repertoires estranged from these mortals my soul is a gold reservoir/ when y'all be dropping the mic the worlds dumber/ so here's some thought food for yer plate you should discover/ they like this brother's awake it's no wonder/ throwing silencers on lightning bolts strike with no thunder/ that shock you into seeing the light with no buffer/ knowledge is power the truth there's no other/

i'm just a spirit encased in dark crystal/ slowly swimming through this river of fate will sharks get you/ my love is like a light that escapes my heart tissue/ away from those who think that being miserables official/ but they don't know the cause of it/ cuz they still think the beast is cute cuz they aint see the claws of it/ gotta read the contract study every clause in it/ this is legal combat i brought the higher laws wit/ the morals of the force hit the greedy never forfeit/ my thought foods delectable go throw it in the sauce dip/ spoke the unforgettable/ jewels of an autonomous king extra terrestrial/ don't you know it ain't cool to be dumb/ and a genius he aint gotta go to school to be one/ cuz thats natural and me on the mic well that's magical/ ….they teach obedience from 5 yrs old cuz a dumb populations easier to control/ till they become uncontrollable you reap what you sow/ check it, …you walking the path that you selected/ and paved brick by brick each day so where you headed/ couldn't see the picture noble drew/ Marcus tried to mark us with the pride for the darkest/ all rise your light is overdue/ ….in this universal court room my dreams are but a new life emerging through the future of my thought womb/ ..lifes a queen in these tales of a divorced groom
Track Name: 421 Culture Wisdom & Knowledge
Yea it feels so lovely
sticky to the touch its sweet just like honey
…..just lay back relax and get comfy
since I was just a young G studying 120
a gods munchies truth for the hungry
food for the mind i feed the whole country
we celebrating so bright the nights sunny
play this just one more time at 420

the healing of a nation the herbs that i break up/ you feel just what i'm saying my words will make you wake up/ vibe to the rhythm smoke rise to the ceiling/ slow motion clouds flowing in designs on the way up/ while listening to deep thoughts changing my mind state up/ you think a ufo just landed when i roll up/ I roll up immediately I had it sewn up/ so much you saying i'm good alright hold up/ this platinum cush a magic bush my brains about to throw up/ epiphanies intuitive rays betray the mysteries/ the beat got you nodding so hard ya neck swole up/ a symphony of imagery dance in my mind visually/ handle the rhyme brilliantly/ thinking how its all a design no crime really a conspiracy you hear me to keep us below spiritually/ unlocking new abilities/ the Rasta say theres a mystic doctor in this little tree/ do you feel it passed on by the ancients shamans/ placed it in the coffins with the mummies and a sacred doctrine/ wrapped in bandages preserving the munchies for the afterlife/ after the spliff i'm more hungry than a parasite/ heal the anorexic even cancer couldn't stand the fight/ help for autism/ we helping the laws switching/ cuz if there's no victim then there shouldn't be a prison/ sentence forbidden incense of the Tru-n-livin/ light another one it's fuel for the brains engine/ high times in the latest edition/ me the magician spitting flames while the bakers get creative in the kitchen and lord willing i'm making it more appealing/ for breaking these walls villains i laugh yo prohibition/ my fam on the way brought them northern lights wit em/ blowing that blue hawaaiian while the chocolate haze drifting/ growing that silver surfer i master my solar system

culture wisdom cipher/ flicking this lighter till its spittin fire/ switching the strain like its different attire/ who said it kills ya brain cells is an ignorant liar/ aint no gateway drug what a great day for bud/ but yo that aint a roach that's an AK slug/… they think they need to fight/ until they see the light touch the green puff it and dream and then they see the light/ but some views you'll never see well until you reach my height/ smoke loud until i'm deffer than mos/ sunlight helps with growth touch the L's when i toast/ and i don't need the incense i love the smell when i toke/ elephant in the room made a bong from his trunk shotgun magic wand of the skunk/ it helps with the tunes/ music feels deeper as if you was in the speaker/ euphoria my eyes so low it made time slow/ i roll one from here to Cairo/ this year is mines yo/ burn it down like a pyro/ then eat a pie so/ high i'm on jupiter way beyond the sky so/ the only danger is it breaks through the walls of separation every nation i don't doubt it all/ cuz if you white and its green i'm smoking sour wit yall/ let the spirit take over aint no boundaries at all/ no wall is true solid do the knowledge to the molecules that amplify the melanin the ganja i blew/ when lighting cannabis, some choke hard just like canibus/ forget words a short term loss and couldn't handle it/ that cure for the cancer stick/ pure just examine it/ learn will you burn and study the world's manuscript/ its sacred how i see it/ bake it before you eat it/ better for the lungs if you vaporize tea it/ my body ain't addicted I love it but i don't need it/ this hunger i gotta feed it.
before word was bond the light and sunshine
gave birth to the circle and rays became lines
that divided each hour in days became time
sacred geometry mind detect mind

symbols surround you they're there all the time
but why is the blind leading the blind
take nothing on face value
spin it cuz what's behind
is a message that subliminal
read between designs

they say a symbol speaks a thousand words
My thoughts speak a million symbols
brilliant mental decode the instrumental
that's where i got the lyrics
my flow is so influential
i chose to re expose the unknown to its potential
the mind comprehends everything that it sees
cuz its all the same symbols that vary in their degrees
a thousand leagues under the images that you see
swim the unseen thoughts in the abyss of a dream
that keeps repeating different ways in an infinite stream
with rhythm between flowing like a mystic ravine
the gleam of light becomes sound
sound becomes physical
material a symbol blow a kiss to my queen
i'm the ghost in the machine
the myth in the theme
patterns and shapes formed in the magic of space
by the motion of the planets floating flowing with grace
and dance beautifully to music you see
in everything vibrates as the heaven sing
the voices of the angels hum a tune around saturn
was holding my wedding ring
a sign with no meanings like a scorpio that never stings
see my styling the rocks on easter island
left a song in angkor wat one at stone henge
one at machupicchu to Giza
numbered coordinates, in simple math thats so
advanced you never thought of it
hey you doubted your sight i counted precise
while i stopped along the road to smell the flower of life
still tipsy off the fountain of christ
whose still wit me
the mystics architects that hold the keys to your city
its no progress without 1 + 360
degrees in a spiral
Fibbinnochi spins in my locs
i went viral for spitting that indescribable
cuz only fools doubt the gods math its undeniable
6,000 yr echo i come again like rings around rocks when you let go
in water store genetic memory melody escrow
your dna remembers activated by the planets connect just like lego's
play it again you're a song that repeats
but each time a little different
each lines a little distant from the center
the rays of the sun became a swastika
lost on translation the light when it was popular
the form of anything that you see shows its agenda
the color the shape and design even the gender
look at me in my tenure eternal mathematician
rap magician you beginners
go figure my analema
the great architect i appear in all my splendor