by Ka Zodiak

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The season
of the phoenix king change you believe in age of aquarius God that means freedom
The season
of rebirth search for the meaning life goes on inhale and keep breathing
The season
to right all wrongs thats uneven the season to love yourself and keep being

my mind is earth shattering/ lines that burst patterns in the sacred geometric/ my shines what birthed saturn in/ i'm mastering this class i'm in/ traveling where blacks have been/ brutalized but you and I fly above this path of sin i aint alice in wonderland/ fam i am the sun of man with other plans/ and my rabbit hole is magic soul speak what they don't' understand/ my language is tainted with ancient symbolism spitting wisdom from another land/ multi dimensional did what you pretended to/ uh ka-zodiak solar rap cosmic mc the holy black/ melanated angel heaven awaits you, young mortal my tongues a portal covered in oil/ anointed one i'm appointed to run a higher council/ fire surrounds you these liars will cloud you if you listen so fuck the system may the sky crack when i announce you the creator said when i was molded in a sacred egg/ was told my name would spread/ like butter on toast/ and already they in love with my ghost/ while still living/ the holy spirit of G.O.D H.O.P, still drifting/ invisible to fools who needs their recognition

still visioning the system crumble/ they say i'm gifted humble/ i hope these lyrics touch you/ deeper than your arms can reach/ the Gods teach my knowledge sweeps you off of your feet/ your conscious is sleep front leaf burning ganja i'm the chief/ nirvana karma peace from all the drama in the streets/ islam against the beast/ and food for thought we can't eat your dollars at the feast/ last supper for you suckas busting shots at your beliefs/ i'm a politic killer religious murderer turn the popular to whispers/ prophetic unexpected consciousness that i deliver/ phoenix king and i'm the freshest, respect it, ebola flowing lyrically infectious thoughts connected sun directed effortless/ if you a corporate mc prepare your exodus/ I leave the world breathless aint my fault you under estimate/ the deficit you left us wit trash but who invested it/ i… exhale the smoke while i'm tripping off this epic shit/ Schmurderin you surfs again blue you small fakes from the game when i perfected it/ executives should be ashamed for culture vulturing the dead bodies of the slain/ youth for spitting that insane self hate you can't explain/ slave owners on the auction block talking bout you hot/ they waiting for your sales to boost the moment you get shot/ predatory nature waiting for the day you finally drop/ i don't mean your album, i mean life kid your outcome/ a record deal has less appeal cuz you can shine without one/

Nas couldn't write it/ Ka is the nicest prophetic lyricist given nods to all the psychics/ religious harlot starving for this knowledge i'm providing/ i could sell gold to midas/ hustle with the muscle leave mics with arthritis/ swear to God it's hard to write this/ from sparring with the titans to C.I.A funding ISIS but no kemitic goddess/ not in the slightest would i ever not be clever you can see it in yo iris/ i gotta shine the brightest throwing lions at goliath/ its sickening, you stricken with the fake shit they spittin/ kalik scientific neva knew no competition/ so hear ye you can just respect me or fear me/ i bet you won't deny that i'm the best wit it clearly/ don't connect wit yo theories or the lies you was claiming/ i'm building and living where you fly for vacation/ of mc's i'm the most fly in creation/ who sent me i'm the most high in the making/ cuz i got it locked it doesn't mean that i'm jamaican/ um i am amazing/ from pm to am my styles ever changing call me sci elevation/ the red cross a vicious gang shooters got vaccines in needles for the evil why you choosing to blaspheme/ i was knocking satan out his shoes in my last dream/ the future's looking grim because the youth is a sad scene/ just bunch a homo thugs lubing wit vaseline/ i'm just a super heru keeping his mask clean/ diamonds on these rappers like keeping your trash clean/ its senseless, i tore the game down there's no defenses/ continuing to beat the track up i'm so relentless/ uh who could match this/ pick em from yo atlas/ answer for yo cancer you can get if you ask it/ here he go again phoenix lifting from the ashes/ un-indentified being spittin that galactic/ police getting chopped by a ninja wit a hatchet/ bully on yo street don't forget to get yo ass kicked/ ka alkaline why you swimming in the acid/ dead ya lifeline i'm the pinnacle of thats it/ ratchet never for the clever i'm a magnet/ magic, spells on ya brain a shame tragic/ living mathematics, swimming in my attic/ fanatics bet you listen again this is a classic.


released November 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Ka Zodiak Teaneck, New Jersey

Kalik Scientific is an artist ahead of his time. Witnessing the demise of the once revolutionary genre of Hip Hop by the covert plans of the clandestine elite he joined forces with other Divine spirited artists to build the God Hop confederation practicing what he terms cosmic rap. He is the mc of tomorrow, the product of our past, the vision of the future and the soundtrack of forever. ... more

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